MLB Manager 2016 Review

MLB Manager 2016 for iOS and Android is another superb offering from the creators of OOTP Baseball. The creators have done an excellent job of adding the good features of the full game without compromising the speed and simplicity of what the 2015 version offered.

The addition of the “Shop a Player” features is a huge plus to give you a starting point for trades and identify teams who might consider trading for your player. The only downside of the trade engine is that you can only have a maximum of three players in a trade, as I love making monster trades. But with that being the only gripe it tells you that they have pretty much nailed their trade engine making the game as realistic as you could wish for. Even the trades offered to you by other GM’s are realistic ranging from the tricky to the downright laughably bad, you know the sort Arizona do.

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The addition of a player shortlist is a handy feature to track those prospects you have your eye on to see if they are progressing towards their potential, or their potential is wasting away in front of your eyes. The new feature of being able to simulate to a specific date and switch on a do not disturb feature prevents those frustrating situations when you just keep getting trade options you aren’t interested in.

MLB Manager 4

The in game function has been made even more user friendly thanks to an improvement in game subs. Previously you had to keep flicking between screens to see the score, the opponents’ batting line-up and your available players but that is gone thanks to a comprehensive screen that allows you take in the whole picture at a glance.

The OOTP guys have really knocked the ball out the park with this release and it truly is a game I can imagine spending a great hours playing this year making its $4.99 price an absolute steal. The usual twist, turns, frustrations and elations are all packed into a pocket size game that will truly make you feel immersed in the world of baseball.

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