Fantasy Hockey: 10 Reasons You Should Join a Dynasty League

Fantasy hockey

As the fantasy football year winds down, it’s time to find other fantasy options to turn our attention to.  If you were wise enough to draft a yearly fantasy hockey team back in late September or early October, you are ahead of the game and still have weeks of fantasy fun to go.  If not, here is another option for you to entertain yourself, and it’ as much fun as fantasy football: Dynasty League Hockey.

If you have a dynasty football team, you already know how much fun dynasty format leagues can be, and hockey is no different.  If you’re a big NHL fan, or just mildly entertained by a good ole hockey game every once in awhile, here are some great reasons you should join a fantasy dynasty hockey league, and many of these examples are reason enough to get into NHL hockey.

  1. Year round fun – Hockey dynasty leagues, much like football, can last all year round. Hockey training camps open up in September and the playoffs last right into June. Follow that up with the NHL draft at the end of June and free agent frenzy on July 1st. During the season, most dynasty league run head to head, much like baseball, so you’re always watching the scores as hockey has very few days off.
  2. NHL draft party – Again much like the NFL, top picks in the NHL can make a huge impact to their respective teams so most hockey fans turn their attention to June’s draft in hopes their team scores big on the draft board. The same goes for fantasy hockey.  If you have a top draft pick in your fantasy league you’ll be very interested in which top prospect goes to which team. What better reason to have a party.
  3. The big trade – The best part of owning a dynasty team is making the big trade. There’s is no greater thrill in the fantasy world as hovering your thumb above the send button on a potential block buster trade proposal.  I’ve spent hours staring at my screen over the years trying to figure out how I can swing that big deal that would land me one of the top superstars in the game.  And because dynasty league use potential draft picks things can get fun if you are willing to part with top picks and prospects.
  4. NHL trades – Much like in your league, trades in the NHL happen often and can impact your fantasy line up in a big way.  The best part is tracking the rumours. More than in any other sport, it seems NHL players are most likely to trade teams during the season and keeping on top of trade rumours is a exciting part of fantasy hockey.  Getting the scoop before other league members and possibly picking up the impacted players can change the out look of your team.
  5. The rebuild/selling the farm – Things can go from good to bad with a few bad breaks or injuries. That’s when the rebuild comes in the play.  Selling of your older top players for prospects and draft picks can be exciting.  Same goes the other way.  Chasing down the championship trophy may require some last minute shopping. Unloading picks and prospects for some added depth is almost a must.  And the shopping is the fun part!
  6. The minor league – In the dynasty format drafting good young prospects is a must, whether their ready for the NHL or not there are many good devolvement leagues to watch your player grow. And if you’re lucky enough to live close by to an AHL team, college team or Canadian hockey league home, tickets are cheap to watch future NHL stars in action.
  7. Free agent frenzy – When July 1st roles around each year, NHL and fantasy hockey owners are glued to their TV as many top players are no longer under contract and are free to sign with another team. This can be nerve racking as you watch in hopes one of your players lands on a high scoring team and not an offensive dud.  Many a fantasy team has been broken with a bad signing of what use to be an offensive star.
  8. The sports debate– If you are a sports nut like most of my buddies and myself you know what I’m talking about when I say a good sports debate.  You don’t need to be in a league for this but what better way to add some fun to a league meeting then a healthy sports debate.  Add a few cold ones and guys really get in to it. Getting together with buddies and talking sports and throwing in a little trash talk is another great thing about fantasy leagues.
  9. Meet new people – If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by lots of buddies who enjoy fantasy hockey you’ve chosen your friends wisely but if you’re looking to meet new people in your area or just reach out online – dynasty hockey is a great way to reach out.  There are all kinds of options online – Fantrax and Yahoo are two of my favorites.
  10. Fantasy glory – Just with anything in life especially fantasy sports, winning rocks!  There is no bigger thrill in the fantasy sports world than seeing your name inscribed on a championship trophy at the end of the year and rubbing it in to all the other fantasy league owners.  In all of my leagues we spend a little money at the beginning on a trophy.  Be sure to savour the feeling cause the off season is over quickly and the new year is ripe with fellow league mates ready to dethrone the champ!

Now that your ready to join a fantasy dynasty league, be sure to check in for weekly updates.  Also hit me up on Twitter if you need some help getting started or if you’re in need of some fantasy advice @culpy99.

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