NFL 2016 Hello My Name Is…New Head Coaches In NFL and The Impact On Your Fantasy Team

So all the head coaches positions have been filled.  So for the off-season, and seriously is there really an off-season, we are going to analysis the head coaches, the offensive coordinators and the defensive coordinators.  You know this will impact your fantasy team.

So let’s begin.  This time rate head coaches.  This rating is from perplexing to “maybe this will work out”.

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1. Chip Kelly, Head Coach San Francisco 49ers

Previously: Head Coach for Philadelphia Eagles.  Perplexing Scale: [email protected]%^$!!!

Kelly was unceremoniously and famously dismissed from the Eagles in 2015 before the last game.  The talk concerned Kelly’s inability to relate to grown men who play football.  That could be talk.  But…wasn’t some of the problem of the coach before Jim Tomsula, ah Jim Harbaugh was his…um abrasive demeanor? The more things change the more they remain the same.

2. Dirk Koetter, Head Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previously: Offensive Coordinator for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Perplexing scale: HuH!?!

So this was a head scratcher because no one saw the firing of then head coach Lovie Smith coming.  This has the vague impression of a hostile takeover.

3. Mike Mularkey, Head Coach Tennessee Titans

Previously: Interim coach Tennessee Titans.  Perplexing Scale: Settling for Mr. Right Now

Mularkey went 2-7 as the interim head coach of the Titans.  This was the best they could do?  Is this what settling looks like?

4. Ben McAdoo, Head Coach New York Giants

Previously: Offensive Coordinator New York Giants. Perplexing Scale: Why?

The Giants and then head coach Tom Coughlin parted ways.  Ostensibly because things weren’t going well.  So a change was needed.  And the change?  Promote the offensive coordinator that was part of the past regime to head coaching position.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  Is that a good thing?

5. Doug Pederson, Head Coach Philadelphia Eagles

Previously: Offensive Coordinator Kansas City Chiefs.  Perplexing Scale: Okay, this makes sense.

The Eagles were slightly more than a dysfunctional unit this season.  It was believed most were unappreciative of the style then head coach Kelly brought into the building.  So now they are going back to the era of “player-coach Andy Reid” style.  It makes sense.  From a personal interaction standpoint that is.

6. Hue Jackson, Head Coach Cleveland Browns

Previously: Offensive Coordinator Cincinnati Bengals. Perplexing Scale: You sure?

Seemingly now head coach of the Browns, Jackson could have his pick of several teams.  And this is what he chose?  The Browns are a carousel of coaches and quarterbacks.  Now Jackson has chosen to take the ride?  Good for you Cleveland.  And for Jackson, we shall see.

7. Adam Gase, Head Coach Miami Dolphins

Previously: Offensive Coordinator Chicago Bears.  Perplexing Scale: Hells  Ya!

Gase was the “IT” man for the head coaching search.  Gase has made Tim Tebow look serviceable.  He has made Peyton Manning look better.  And he worked magic this season with gun slinger Jay Cutler.  Now he gets his hands on Ryan Tannehill.  This could work.


Next up: Coaching style of each new coach.  You did notice the preponderance of offensive men getting the nod?

Next up: Chip Kelly and the San Francisco 49ers


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