Season to be Bowling

It’s here, ’tis the season to be Bowling. No, I’m not talking about Mike Fagan’s amazing arm swing or Jason Belmonte’s two handed wonder, but College Football Bowl games! If you are new to dynasty, you must learn to watch bowl games. While CFB games are not exactly the perfect indicators of who will be future superstars, it does help me in my draft preparation process.

In short, my process of using Bowl Games as draft prep is basically listening for prospect names. While I may not watch all the games or even majority of them, I still pin my ears to the TV and file some of the names away for later use. This is the last opportunity for many NFL hopefuls to showcase their skills in a system they are familiar with and play against good competition from other conferences. They are also a collection of players who are part of a team that won at least 5 games (the minimum number of wins to qualify for a bowl game, and also ensuring that they won’t have a losing record). All-star games (Senior Bowl, Shrine Game, etc.) are fun and all, but are not helpful to me because players are playing in simple schemes and with a team who they are not familiar with.

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I will not be providing a comprehensive guide to every NFL prospect. The aim of this series is to focus on the rookie or devy players. For advance scouting and next level fantasy scouting, please follow @joshnorris or @shanephallam.

December 19

It is not often that I actually know the teams that are playing in the early part of the bowl season, but Arkansas St. v. Louisiana Tech probably will provide a shootout show. There aren’t any names that stand out to me as far as NFL hopefuls on the Red Wolves side. On LaTech side, Kenneth Dixon (sr.) is the name to watch out for. The senior RB carried this team together with Jeff Driskel to lead the team to high scoring affairs. Scoring 17 TD this year and rushing on a 5.5 YPC.

The other game I would look to on this day is BYU v. Utah. It must be a kick in the nuts for the one time PAC12 leader Utah to get such a low tier bowl, but nevertheless, they were a good team for most of the season until they lost their leading RB Devonte Booker. Booker is eligible for the draft, but suffered a season ending injury right before the most critical period of the season. While you won’t be able to watch him, While I don’t think Travis Wilson is a starter caliber NFL player, it’s not often you meet a 6’7″ QB. On the Cougars’ side, Tanner Magnum is the guy to watch for me. While he’s not NFL eligible, he has some interesting tools and “never-say-die” mentality. He started his career with a couple of Hail Mary victories. Outside of him, some flier name to file away are Mitch Mathews and Terenn Houk.

Lastly, Arizona vs. New Mexico St. share some interesting names to file away. Anu Solomon is a dual-threat QB, or more accurately an athlete playing QB. He gets injured quite often and wasn’t my favorite. However, he has taken steps forward this year to become more of a pocket passer. Solomon is a devy watch guy. Similarly, Nick Wilson the RB is an exciting sophomore who has shown flashes of good running. The only NFL eligible name that is of worthy to note is Cayleb Jones. He actually regressed from his 1000 yard sophomore season, but he has some intriguing abilities that are worth monitoring.

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