Yes, You Can Stream Quarterbacks in 2QB Leagues – Week 12 Options

Streaming Quarterbacks; Jay Cutler

The bye weeks are over; those that stream quarterbacks can rejoice! The potential to stream quarterbacks is looming large as some of the top tier quarterbacks are facing some less-than-desirable matchups.

Before we get into the Week 12 matchups, here are some notes on why you should look to stream your quarterbacks if you weren’t convinced already.

  • Case Keenum and T.J. Yates brought the number of quarterbacks to start an NFL game in 2015 up to 48
  • We’ve also seen 48 different quarterbacks put up at least a QB24 performance this season, but Case Keenum and Jimmy Clausen are the only two starters to not put up a QB24 performance or better
  • If we go to quarterbacks that have put up at least a QB18 performance or better, we still see 41 quarterbacks that have done so at least once and 31 have done it at least 3 times
  • The top-12 is pretty crowded too –  37 different quarterbacks have put up a QB12 performance or better at least once while 27 have done it at least three times
  • Tom Brady had his first non-top-12 finish in Week 11, but still has one more than Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton and two more than Aaron Rodgers
  • Brady, Rodgers, Palmer, Derek Carr and Cam Newton all have 3 top-12 finishes in the last four weeks and Palmer had a bye in Week 10
  • Russell Wilson has posted two of his three top-12 finishes in the last two weeks
  • Brock Osweiler was QB9 in his first career start
  • The Raiders (eight) and Lions (seven) lead the league in allowing the most top-12 finishes this season
  • The Jaguars, Colts and Lions (again) lead the league in allowing nine top-18 finishes this season
  • Only the Rams, Panthers and Broncos have allowed just one top-12 finish this season; they’ve all come within the last three weeks
  • The Falcons have allowed just two top-12 finishes and five teams (Cowboys, Dolphins, Titans, Chiefs and Jets) have allowed three

So armed with that information, I’ll keep my thoughts on all quarterbacks brief this week by just notating each quarterback’s opponent, the number of top-18 finishes their opponent has allowed and the number of top-18 finishes each quarterback has.

Don’t forget, there are three games on Thanksgiving! Feel free to reach out to me on twitter and be sure to check out the 2QB team’s aggregate QB rankings this week as well!

Streamer of the Week: Jay Cutler

I put up Cutler in Week 9 as my streamer, and he finished as QB13 that week.  Cutler is my pick again this week, even though Brian Hoyer, Josh McCown and Mark Sanchez all have favorable matchups as well – I’m just a little more confident in Cutler based on past performances and the defense he gets.

In seven of his nine starts, Cutler has finished in the top-18, one of 13 quarterbacks that have achieved that. He’s also one of just 10 quarterbacks to have at least five top-12 finishes this season. In facing the Packers, he should have another good shot at notching at least an elite QB2 finish this week.

The Packers have allowed a top-14 finish to a quarterback in four of their last five games – Peyton Manning was the only one that didn’t finish that high. I’m fine with the “rivalry” narrative and the “injury” narrative, but the Packers have slipped back into a beatable defense as of late, something Cutler should be able to take advantage of, given his success in recent weeks.

No-Doubt Starting Quarterbacks

Based on season performance and their opponent, I expect the following quarterbacks to finish near the top in Week 12.

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Philip Rivers7Jaguars9
Carson Palmer1049ers8
Drew Brees7Texans7
Russell Wilson8Steelers7
Aaron Rodgers9Bears7

Quarterbacks with QB1 Potential

These guys are almost sure-fire top quarterbacks this week, but could also lay an egg when you least expect it (i.e. Derek Carr in Week 11).

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Jameis Winston5Colts9
Cam Newton9Cowboys6
Marcus Mariota4Raiders8
Brian Hoyer5Saints8
Blake Bortles8Chargers8
Ben Roethlisberger4Seahawks6
Kirk Cousins3Giants6

Quarterbacks with Tough Matchups

These two quarterbacks are normally top options each week. You’re still starting both, but don’t expect their usual point totals.

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Andy Dalton8Rams4
Tom Brady10Broncos2

Quarterbacks to Stream Confidently

If you own one of the following quarterbacks, don’t be afraid to start them in Week 12.

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Jay Cutler7Packers7
Matt Ryan8Vikings5
Derek Carr6Titans5
Mark Sanchez1Lions9
Matthew Stafford6Eagles7
Alex Smith8Bills8
Josh McCown4Ravens7
Matt Hasselbeck2Buccaneers6
Eli Manning6Redskins6

Quarterbacks to Stream Cautiously

These are all quarterbacks I’ve trusted at some point this season. However, I’m not too keen on their matchups, and I think Brock Osweiler as a QB9 last week is more an outlier than truth.

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Brock Osweiler1Patriots6
Ryan Fitzpatrick6Dolphins5
Tony Romo1Panthers3
Teddy Bridgewater3Falcons4
Ryan Tannehill5Jets4
Tyrod Taylor4Chiefs4

Quarterbacks to Avoid

I’ll admit, the Keenum pick last week was kinda rough. Gotta take chances here and there though, right? He could be concussed, so if Nick Foles plays, he’d make the Stream Cautiously section. I’m not willing to take chances on Gabbert (despite his QB12 finish in Week 11) or especially on Mr. Pick-Six himself, Matt Schaub.

QuarterbackTop-18 FinishesOpponentTop-18 Allowed
Matt Schaub0Browns7
Blaine Gabbert1Cardinals6
Case Keenum0Bengals4

Happy Thanksgiving!


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