Yes, You Can Stream Quarterbacks in 2QB Leagues – Week 11 Options

Case Keenum

Welcome to the last bye week of the regular season – those that stream quarterbacks just have to get through one more week before they get more streaming options. There are still plenty of matchups to take advantage of this week though.

This last week could be a tough week if you own Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Johnny Manziel or Drew Brees. There have been 17 top-18 finishes Between Big Ben, Manning and Brees so far this season, making them tough to replace all at once.

And then you have the quarterback carousel moving yet again this week with six teams turning over the reigns to a different quarterback for one reason or another.

The Rams have gone from Nick Foles to Case Keenum because Foles just wan’t cutting it while the Eagles shifted to Mark Sanchez with Sam Bradford being hurt. The Bronocs could be initiating a new ear by starting Brock Osweiler over Peyton Manning for at least a week as well.

T.J. Yates likely gets the start for the Texans (Brian Hoyer is still going through concussion protocols) and Matt Hasselbeck is taking over for Andrew Luck this week again, and could for the rest of the season depending on the recovery time for Luck.

Oh, and don’t forget that Tony Romo is coming back this week. No more Matt Cassel means the Cowboys offense could be a little more relevant again in fantasy football.

Now that you’re up to speed on the new guys available this week, make sure to check out your waiver wire. I’ve got my tiers below to see who I’d prioritize when you stream quarterbacks and have my streaming pick of the week as well. You can also check out the 2QB crew’s aggregate rankings for more insight. And of course, find me on twitter if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask!

Streamer of the Week: Case Keenum

This week could really determine if you make the playoffs in your 2QB/Superflex league or not. You could play it safe or take a risk. I’m more of a risk-taker and this brings to me to Keenum this week. I know, I bombed on the Landry Jones pick a few weeks ago, but bear with me. It’s not like Keenum has only had a month to learn the Rams offsense (see: T.J. Yates and the Texans) and with options on the waiver wire thin this time of year, finding the right matchups for quarterbacks can be key.

One thing that helps Keenum this week (and I’ve reflected in my tiers) is that a majority of quarterbacks have good, but not great matchups. You’re starting the Brady’s and Dalton’s this week, but there are top quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers that could struggle to make QB1 status in Week 11 based on their matchups.

Keenum’s matchup in Week 11 also happens to be the Baltimore Ravens. Not only have the Ravens allowed a QB1 performance to Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers, they’ve allowed Josh McCown and Colin Kaepernick to finish as top options as well. Even Blake Bortles 188 passing yards and two touchdowns earned him an elite QB2 finish in Week 10, giving the Ravens a total of seven top-18 performances allowed to quarterbacks in nine games. Six of those were QB8 or higher and only four other teams have given up more top-18 performances on the season.

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A Lot of QB1 Hopefuls

Tom Brady – time to trade Brady! After never finishing below QB6 all season, Brady’s last two weeks have resulted in a QB12 and QB9 finish. I kid about trading him, but those numbers are worth noting, especially as he’s lost Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman in back-to-back weeks.

Andy Dalton – last week I would have said Dalton was matchup-proof this year. However, he had a finish lower than QB20 for the second time in three weeks. The Cardinals are middle of the pack against quarterbacks and have allowed just the fourth-fewest total yards to quarterbacks on the season. I won’t be surprised to see Dalton rack up the points, but he may be more of a QB2 in Week 11.

Aaron Rodgers – thanks to a furious attempt at a comeback in Week 9 and 60 passing attempts in Week 10, Rodgers has had back-to-back top-five finishes in fantasy football. The Vikings aren’t the Broncos but still have allowed just three top-12 finishes on the season so far. I probably trust Rodgers slightly more than Dalton or Brady this week, but is that saying much right now?

Derek Carr – don’t be surprised if Carr finishes as the QB1 this week. Outside of Keenum, Carr may have the best matchup. The Lions are tied for giving up the most top-12 finishes (seven) and lead the league in giving up the most top-18 finishes (9) to quarterbacks this season. Carr is QB9 on the season and is tied for the third-most QB1 finishes with Rodgers and Rivers.

Blake Bortles – right behind Carr in overall points is another second-year quarterback. The Jaguars signal-caller has four top-12 finishes and eight top-18 finishes on the season so far. The Titans offer a nice matchup, allowing five top-18 finishes to quarterbacks, including three in the last week.

Russell Wilson – I’m surprised we’re not hearing more of Wilson’s regression this season. It hasn’t turned out as many owners hoped it would with Jimmy Graham on the roster, but the season is far from over. Wilson presents a nice value this week against the 49ers, who are one of 11 teams to give up 7 top-18 finishes this season so far.

Marcus Mariota – like the Titans give Bortles a nice matchup, the Jaguars allow a nice matchup for Mariota as well. I’m a little higher on him than most right now, but the Jaguars are one of just four teams to allow at least eight top-18 finishes on the season. Expect more of the Mariota that faced the Saints two weeks ago over the Mariota that struggled against Carolina.

Matt Ryan – Ryan will always be a solid fantasy asset as long as Julio Jones is in town. In Week 11, Jones and Ryan get the privilege of facing the Colts. They have only seen one quarterback finish less than a QB18 all season.

Tony Romo – three cheers for Romo! He’s back but is it too soon? The Cowboys can’t be any worse with him than they were without him, that’s for sure. He gets the Dolphins, who have given up three top-18 performances over the last four weeks.

Philip Rivers – I know Rivers is sixth overall for quarterbacks in fantasy this season, but he’s drawing the Chiefs. Outside of Rodgers’ masterful game in Week 3 against them, no quarterback has finished above QB12 and five quarterbacks have finished as a QB23 or worse.

Carson Palmer – another top quarterback facing a challenging defense. Palmer has finished worse than QB13 just once and that was as a QB18 in Week 6. The Bengals have allowed three top-10 finishes so far, but have also held quarterbacks to QB20 or worse on six occasions.

Cam Newton – I’m not sure where to rank Newton’s dance moves, but I think Newton could be a sneaky QB1 play this week despite playing the Redskins. He’s finished in the top-seven each of the last two weeks and hasn’t finished worse than QB16 since Week 1. The Redskins have allowed a top-12 finish in five of their nine games, pushing Newton higher than I originally ranked him at the beginning of the week.

Stream Confidently

Alex Smith – the Chargers have seven top-18 finishes against them. Smith has finished in the top-18 all but twice so far this season, so stream away with Smith!

Teddy Bridgewater – every time I push Bridgewater, he never lives up to my expectations. He’s also only finished above QB18 just twice, but with the Packers playing down as of late and allowing six top-18 finishes on the season, this matchup is hard for me to ignore.

Geno Smith/Ryan Fitzpatrick – Fitzpatrick says he wants to start as of this writing. Keep an eye on this one though, especially if you picked up Smith after Fitzpatrick was initially hurt. Despite Dalton finishing as QB23 last week, the Texans have allowed five finishes of QB14 or higher this season.

Matthew Stafford – maybe the coaching overhaul in Detroit was a good thing? Stafford has finished as QB14 or higher in three of his last four games and the Raiders have allowed quarterbacks they have faced to finish as a QB1 in seven of their nine games.

Tyrod Taylor – the Bills’ sensation had a meteoric rise, got hurt and has come back down to earth in his last two games with finishes QB19 and QB21, respectively. That helps make him an attractive target to stream, especially in shallower leagues that could see him on the waiver wire. The Patriots have allowed five finishes of QB9 or higher on five occasions too, so Taylor could flourish once again.

Case Keenum – streaming option of the week

Mark Sanchez – we shouldn’t be surprised Bradford is injured I suppose, but the Eagles could be better off with him. The Buccaneers have allowed five top-18 finishes this year, including four in the top-10. Sanchez could make an immediate impact off the bench for your team.

Jameis Winston – the quarterback on the sideline opposite of Sanchez could benefit from this week as well. The Eagles are somewhat inconsistent against quarterbacks, but have still averaged 15.1 points per game against quarterbacks. The could land Winston just inside the top-18 this week.


Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill has either been good (four finishes as QB16 or higher) or awful (five finishes as QB20 or worse) and the Cowboys won’t make that much easier this week. Despite losing them all, the Cowboys have held their last four quarterbacks to finishes of QB24, QB18, QB18 and QB20, respectively. I’d consider benching Tannehill if you have better options.

Brock Osweiler – the time is now for Manning’s backup over the last four seasons. He’s gotta show he can take over for Manning and the next seven weeks are his audition. For deep teams that have picked him up just in case, or dynasty leagues that have been sitting on him, I’d hold off for at least a week. Granted, the Bears have allowed six top-18 finishes on the year, but they have held two of the last three quarterbacks they’ve faced to QB20 or worse and Rivers barely finished as QB17 in Week 9. He could surprise us all, but with limited regular season exposure, I’m not taking the gamble just yet.

Stream Cautiously

Kirk Cousins – I know Cousins has finished as a top-two quarterback in two of his last three games, but don’t get cute here. The Panthers have allowed just three top-18 finishes. Outside of Rodgers’ QB1 finish in Week 9, the Panthers haven’t allowed a finish higher than QB15 all season.

Matt Hasselbeck – Luck is out and Hasselbeck is back in again. He did finish as QB14 in both of his starts earlier this season, but the Falcons have not allowed a quarterback to finish higher than QB11 this season and have only allowed two top-12 finishes all season.

Joe Flacco – the Rams allowed their first QB1 performance of the year last week but have only allowed three other top-18 finishes on the season. Flacco has been the QB8 in his last two games, but I’m not expecting that, or even a top-18 finish against a team that is fifth best in points allowed to quarterbacks.

Don’t Go Down This Road

Jay Cutler – Cutler has been on fire lately, finishing as a top-13 quarterback in each game since Week 4. But Denver is where quarterbacks go to die. Unless you have one of the next two guys as your only other option, I’m totally avoiding Cutler this week.

T.J. Yates – you’re a starter and you’ve only been with this version of the Texans for a month, congratulations! A couple big touchdown passes to DeAndre Hopkins could make him a streamable asset this week, but I’m not willing to take that chance against a Jets defense that has limited quarterbacks to finishes of QB21 or worse on six occasions.

Blaine Gabbert – Colin Kaepernick’s replacement finished his first start as QB20. That doesn’t get me too excited and playing the Seahawks just makes it worse for him.


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