The Kirk Cousins Experience – Week 10

Last week I wrote about keeping fantasy football in perspective, remembering that for 99.9% of us, this game is a great hobby but not a career.

This week, I experienced something new. I went 7-1 across all my redraft and dynasty leagues, but that one loss was in this league, my home league. And that has been all I think about at the start of the week. Even though I did very well this week, the one loss stuck with me.

There has never been money on the line in this league since we started in 2002, but there has been an enormous amount of pride on the line. This year, I am the defending champ looking to keep the trophy for another year. So every loss stings.

Let’s take a look at how I lost this week.

Last Week

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This week I made another trade: sending Justin Forsett and Tony Romo for Derek Carr and the Seattle defense. This is a high-risk move in my eyes, and it is one many won’t agree with.

I saw two reasons to make this trade: First, I believe in Carr moving forward, and I also saw him as much more reliable than my waiver wire QB options for Week 10. I also worry that Romo will come back and struggle with a moderately-difficult schedule off a collarbone injury.

Second, I really like turning a RB into a strength at another position, here defense. I had five good RB options in a league where I can only start two, so I wanted to move one before our trade deadline.

Here is what my starting roster looked like in Week 10:


QB Derek Carr
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB Mark Ingram
RB DeAngelo Williams
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Jordan Matthews
WR Allen Hurns
TE Travis Kelce
K Blair Walsh
D/ST Seattle Seahawks


I only got mediocre performance out of my squad this week, and up against Adrian Peterson’s 33 points I didn’t come close to a win. I am 6-4 and now tied for first in my division.

Week 11

This week, before waivers run, my starting roster looks like this:


QB Derek Carr/Ryan Fitzpatrick
QB ???
RB Lamar Miller
RB James Starks
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Julio Jones
WR Jordan Matthews
TE Travis Kelce
K Blair Walsh
D/ST Jets

For options at the QB2 spot this week, I have Ryan Fitzpatrick (at HOU), or from waivers: Mark Sanchez (vs TB), Brock Osweiler (at CHI), or Case Keenum (at BAL).

As always, illustration is my goal in this series, rather than a how-to guide. So once again, I won’t disclose my QB2 pick until next week. Instead, leave a comment telling me who you would start if you were in my shoes.

And if you are in a similar position, streaming bad quarterbacks in a 2QB/Superflex league, share your situation in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter. Let’s learn from each other’s experiences.

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