The Home Stretch-Scott Fish Bowl week 10 Preview

imageWe are entering into the home stretch for the 2015 fantasy season and some teams are fighting to keep their playoff dreams alive as others are tweaking their rosters for a championship run.Things are no different in The Scott Fish Bowl where teams have two weeks to reach their goal of 8 wins for an automatic bid or hope to score as many points as possible to stay above the scoring cutoff line.

Week 9 had mixed results for me as I (again) lost Big Ben to injury and news of Andrew Luck’s likely month long absence certainly puts a damper on the prospect of Donte Moncreif delivering wide receiver one numbers. I was, however, able to keep pace with the leaders of the division with a win to move to 6-3 and sole possession of fourth place in The Spider Monkey Division. There are three teams ahead of me at 7-2 and both Zach Law and Regan Yant are right below me, record wise, but have more points scored. It should be an interesting end to the regular season and hopefully an exciting post season.

I’ve been looking forward to week 10 as a pivotal matchup with Fake Pigskin’s own Regan Yant was inevitable. Regan sits a couple of games behind me, record-wise, but has scored more points on the season so this week obviously is huge for both of us. Regan will look to ride the hot hand with Allen Robinson while hoping for a bounce back performance from Doug Martin. I’ll be hoping that that Kirk Cousins will be able to replace some what I’ll be missing from Big Ben.


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