Peace Frog: SFB360 Update


SFB360 Update: One of my favorite songs growing up was “Peace Frog” by the Doors.. its a catchy tune and The Doors are one of the most underrated bands ever in my humble opinion. The Doors music isn’t super complicated from a musical standpoint but Jim Morrison was a poet and it showed in his lyrics. If you haven’t heard the song.. or it’s been a while I highly suggest that you listen to it as soon as possible.

What does this have to do with fantasy football or The Scott Fish Bowl? I’m glad you asked. If you are not familiar with the song, here are the first four lines:

There’s blood on the streets it’s up to my ankles

There’s blood on the streets it’s up to my knees

There’s blood on the streets in the town of Chicago

There’s blood on the streets it’s following me

I’m not sure what the statistics look like but this year seems to be worse than most in terms of losing high profile fantasy players and week eight was no exception. The loss of Leveon Bell, Keenan Allen and Matt Forte are obviously the high profile injuries but there were a handful of others that could potentially cripple teams in the Scott Fish Bowl if they are not deep enough to maintain. Luckily, I came away from the week relatively unscathed and was able to pull out a close victory against Pat Thorman despite disappointing performances out of Big Ben, Tannehill and Donte Moncrief. The win brought me up to 4th place in The Spider Monkey Division of SFB360 at 5-3 but I’ll need to keep things rolling as there are four teams nipping at my heals at 4-4. This division has been close throughout the year and I suspect that it will stay that way with all of the smart owners involved. With four weeks left in the regular season this is how The spider Monkey Division would fare if the playoffs started today (courtesy of Scott Fish):

  • Rich Hrbar and Patrick Kerrane would both receive a first round bye
  • Pete Nerozzi would get in with 8 wins if he can win 2 of the final 4 games(teams with 8 wins get an automatic berth)
  • Regan, Zach Law and myself would all get in based on points scored

That’s half of the teams in the big dance if the playoffs ended today with a few others just missing. Obviously there is a lot of football left so get your popcorn ready folks!

I was quiet on the waiver front this week as my team is shaping up the way that I want it to. I was able to secure Jeremy Langford a couple of weeks back as a speculative add and will be starting him in what looks to be a nice matchup versus Sand Diego on Monday Night. I finally gave up on Cameron Artis-Payne as he has not been able to garner any significant playing time. I replaced CAP with Jay Ajayi from Miami who should be coming off of short term IR soon as another speculative add at the end of the bench.

This week i’ll be facing off against Eric Breeze who sits one game behind me in the standings tied with Regan, Zach Law and Andrew Jordan. Eric has been one hit hard with injuries to Jamal Charles and Tony Romo but still has a solid team featuring Chris Ivory, Jeremy Hill and Greg Olsen to go with his Denver running back stack. It’ll will be just another tough week in The Scott Fish Bowl so I’m hoping my guys can perform in tough matchups.

As always, good luck in all of your matchups and check back next week to see if my playoff hopes can stay alive.

Paul Batts


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