Passing The Buck: SFB360 week 6 preview

One of the more frustrating things about SFB360 fantasy football is when you give up on a player a week too early. A few weeks ago I confessed that I sometimes hold on to players that I am high on for way too long. I decided to take my own advice and reevaluate the way that I do things. This reevaluation led me to the decision to drop Buck Allen, who at the time was locked in a timeshare with Lorenzo Taliaferro for backup duties to bell cow Justin Forsett. Fast forward one week and Taliaferro is on injured reserve and Justin Forsett is listed as Questionable heading into week 6. If Forsett is unable to go, Allen will be in line for a massive workload this week and worst case scenario is that he now has the rb2 duties all to himself going forward.While, overall, the dropping of Allen was a win for me (I dropped him for Willie Snead) it pains me to see a guy whom I was high on starting on another team when he finally gets his chance. I highly doubt that the loss (or gain) of Allen is a season changing proposition for anybody’s fake football team but I wanted to point out that it can sometimes be better to stick to your original analysis on players rather than give up on them too early. Remember, it’s always better to be a week early than a week late on a guy.

Week 5 in SFB360 was a disappointment for me all around and even though it was a narrow seven point was a loss none-the-less. To add insult to injury my total point output of 131 will hurt me in the long run as far as the overall standings go. I will need a couple of really big weeks to make up for that pathetic output. Not only did this loss drop me from 3rd to 6th in my division but my total point output dropped me all the way down from 73rd to 129th overall. If the season ended today I would still be in the playoffs, but I can’t have very many more weeks like that if I expect to stay alive.

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Week 6 will be my biggest challenge to date in the Scott Fish Bowl. I’ll be facing Rich Hribar (@lordreebs) and his absolutely dominant squad. On a side note, Rich is one of my very favorite follows on twitter and if you are not following Rich you are doing yourself a disservice. Rich is atop of The Spider Monkey division at 5-0 and is one of only 19 unbeaten teams in the  league with an astounding 963 points (9th overall).  To make matters worse for me Rich will be at full strength this week with no bye weeks and only Tyrod Taylor listed as Questionable. On a positive note, I will have Adrian Peterson, Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry back from bye and I didn’t suffer any major setbacks last week (assuming the aforementioned Forsett plays) and I should be at close to full strength. Unfortunately I will still be missing Big Ben, although he does seem to be coming along from his injury, so I should get him back sooner rather than later. If Forsett can’t play, I will be forced to dig deep to replace him so I’m really hoping he is good to go, this is where Buck Allen would  have been really useful. I was able to land Stefon Diggs in free agency so he will probably serve as my contingency plan for Forsett. Stefon is a guy I really liked coming into the season but wasn’t sure that he would get his chance in Minnesota’s run first offense. Injuries to Charles Johnson and Jarius Wright allowed Diggs an opportunity for some playing time in week 4 which he made the most of with 5 receptions for 87 yards while leading the team in targets. Diggs will be inconsistent because he is a rookie on a run first team but I do like his matchup versus the Chiefs in week 6 but hopefully I wont need to turn to him for help this week.

As always thanks for reading and good luck in all of your games this week.

Paul Batts


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