Fantasy Football Week 4: Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor a Stud-Yes the Refs Are Duds

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It is week four and our list of duds is starting to expand and overwhelm our duds.  But hold-up, Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor is back and he is a stud.  Like Michael Bennett said, pay the man!


Kam Chancellor, Safety, Seattle Seahawks

Detroit Lions fans I understand you are peeved.  The refs or in this case the back judge is a dud.  But you have to give Chancellor his due.  The man is a bona-fide stud.  Did you know that since his return, the Seahawks have not allowed an offensive touchdown?  Coincidence I think not.   And Monday night’s game versus the Lions was proof positive.  Chancellor’s stat line says that he was credited with seven tackles.  He also had one forced fumble.  You will remember that one.  His teammates and opposing offenses will just remember that he is back on the field.  Being a stud.

Josh Norman, CornerBack,  Carolina Panthers

It is not every day that a man makes you forget that Luke Kuechly has not been in the line-up for the past two weeks.  Hello Norman!  In four games Norman has four interceptions.   In Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Norman had two interceptions.  One he returned 46 yards for a touchdown.  The other interception he returned 34 yards to set the offense up for another touchdown.

Hello Norman.

Clay Matthews, Linebacker, Green Bay Packers

Make no mistake about it, Ha-Ha Clinton Dix had the better stat line against the San Francisco 49ers, recording seven tackles.  But Matthews had the better line, that we heard.  “You aint Russell Wilson Bro!”  If he was all talk, he wouldn’t be a stud.  But he is so much more.  Matthews plays inside linebacker and outside linebacker.  Against the 49ers, Matthews played 24 of 50 snaps as outside linebacker.  In the two previous games he played 60 snaps as outside linebacker.  But in week 2 he played almost every snap as inside linebacker.

In his last two games he has had three sacks.  All coming from the inside linebacker spot.  But to prove he is not all about the snaps, he has effortlessly switched position when called.  His stats drop, his teammates stats improve.

Now putting yourself before the team and still excelling.  That is the very definition of stud.


Philadelphia Eagles

If you look in the urban dictionary for the word defensive duds, I am pretty sure the Eagles defense from Sunday’s game will pop up.  The Eagles’ defense allowed Kirk Cousins to drive 90 yards and cap it all with a 4-yard TD pass to Pierre Garcon with 26 seconds left in the game.  No more explanation needed.


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