Under Further Review Week 3

Week 3

Under Further Review is a new series that we’re starting in FakePigSkin.com to take a look at the calls of the weeks by big websites, such as NFL.com, CBS.com, Yahoo.com, and ESPN.com. Before anyone thinks this is an attempt to paint the big names in a negative light, it isn’t. We all make bad calls and good calls from week to week. This article is to look into the expert’s process and reasoning. Sometimes good process ends with bad results, and other instances bad process result in good outcomes. I will be doing some initial predictions about which calls will most likely come true or not. While these articles are released as a hindsight article, it is up to you to believe whether I made these calls before I knew about the results or not.

I’m excited to break down Brandon Funston’s Start/Sit column on Yahoo! Sports. I generally don’t use Yahoo! as much, but Brandon has been known to be quite the figure in the fantasy football world. This is new for me, so I am excited to learn his process


  • Marcus Mariota – Colts allowed the 9th highest QBR (vs. Tyrod and Fitzpatrick); Mariota can run. High floor
  • Danny Woodhead – 14.5 touches per game; may need to fill in for Ladarius Green
  • Isaiah Crowell – Likes both Crow and Duke vs. Oak. Oak allowed both Gio and Hill to finish in the top 25 RB of week 1.
  • Donte Moncrief – Tennessee secondary can get torched by burner types
  • Allen Hurns – Playing catchup and averaging 60 yds/game
  • Eric Ebron – Has been consistent in back to back games, and Stafford will need to rely on the shorter passes vs. Den


  • Philip Rivers – Road vs. Minn secondary, which stopped Stafford from doing too much damage
  • Carlos Hyde – Stifling Ari D and coming back from injury
  • Doug Martin – Houston has stopped the run game, not expecting much from Doug
  • Goldent Tate – will face two of the best corners in the NFL
  • Brandin Cooks – No Brees vs. tough Carolina D
  • Martellus Bennett – Are you going to trust Clausen?

I like Funston’s start calls more than his sits, but overall they feel like logical and safer calls. Funston does provide statistical support for his case. While I have heard multiple reports this week about Eric Ebron being a good play this week. I find the quote of KCC TE putting up 120+ of TE yards misleading, however, as I watched that game, O’Shaunnessey benefitted from a broken play and got nearly 60-70 yd on that one catch. While Ebron has been a revelation for the past two games, I don’t see Broncos as a team that’s struggling against TE anymore (of course, could also be my dissatisfaction from being a Kelce owner, so who knows)

As for the rest, I think the sit calls are obvious aside from Rivers. Minnesota wasn’t a shutdown D, but better than most.

Results: Despite the statistical support of soft defense, I think Funston and many analysts, are still trying to figure out what the coaches are thinking and who the real defenses are. San Diego are quizzically giving less snaps to Woodhead, when in fact he should be warranting more in a catch up game. Perhaps the Minn defense wasn’t as porous as their week 1 showing. Still, despite the absence of pass catching TE Ladarius, even Stevie Johnson wasn’t too big of a factor. Everything fell onto the shoulders of young Keenan.

Isiah Crowell….oh how I wanted to believe in you, but excuses has officially ran out. Oakland’s defense was by no means a tough run stopper, but Crowell couldn’t get much going, especially with the team falling behind early. The game script was not conducive, and the experiment in Fillipo in constructing a ZBS (even though there is 0 indication he could run it) is revealing itself to be quite a failure. I will make the same point for Trestman and the Ravens if we were discussing Forsett. If you juxtapose ATL’s OL vs. BAL/CLE, it is so much more organized and cohesive. So, lesson to coaches, don’t take a job when personnel doesn’t fit your philosophy.

More and more, it seems like it is almost easy to find WRs to help fill your flex spot or put in your DFS lineup. Great call on Hurns and Moncrief. It does seem less likely that Moncrief will appear in these Sit/Start columns soon, as he is more than likely Luck’s fav target, taking pressure off Hilton.

I almost had a good call on Ebron being a bad recommendation, but in the end (4 rec 61 yd) just made him really  good TE to play, and for 3 weeks straight now, Ebron is showing himself to be a good fantasy option, just not a real TE (dropsies were nationally televised).

Funston got the Rivers call correct. I was astonished to see how bad Rivers played. He basically put up 1 more point than Roethlisberger, who missed the game with an injury. I am going to go back to the replay to see where everything went wrong for Rivers and the Chargers

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