CFB DFS Rivalry Weekend Podcast

Happy CFB DFS Rivalry Weekend! The holidays are upon us and life has uncompromisingly made my days busier, like everyone else. Of course, that hasn’t kept me from my degenerate ways. I’m still studying the slates, tinkering with lineups, and gathering my thoughts throughout the week.

The problem? I don’t have the time to put it into writing. Or, at least not in the thorough and entertaining way that I would like.

For this reason, I am talking through all my missives and hot takes on my podcast for the time being. This way, you can still get what you came here for, and I have a medium to express myself on the only thing that truly matters during the holiday season–football.

Click through the link above or below to hear my break down for the Saturday afternoon contest on DraftKings, starting at the 19:50 mark.

Below is my podcast specifically previewing the DK night contest. Enjoy!

Good luck for the CFB DFS Thanksgiving weekend contests! Follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock compliments and insults are always welcomed.

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