Tennessee Titans Defense Face A Favorable Matchup in Week 2

Streaming defenses is now widely seen as the best way to utilize the DST spot on your roster. It certainly is not the only way to do it but it is perhaps the best way to consistently get a top-10 DST on your roster each week. The other option often involves spending a single-digit round pick on a defense, something I am not willing to do outside of extremely deep leagues.

The early part of the season is always tough to judge as we have not seen what offenses and defenses really have to offer at this stage. Therefore, we are judging based on very minimal information but there are some indicators that can make picking a defense to stream more reliable.

For this article I will look to pick defenses that are under 70% owned.

Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans (12% owned)

One of the comments that Michael Lombardi likes to make is that bad lines do not travel and that is exactly my concern here. The Texans line got made to look awful by the Patriots pass rush last week and I fear that might happen again. With pressure, comes QB mistakes and with mistakes comes interceptions and that is where defenses score the big points in fantasy. The Titans defense is not elite by any means but rarely are elite defenses available to stream.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (6%)

After watching the Carolina Panthers defense shut down the Cowboys last week I am optimistic for the Giants chances. I do not think the Giants will get a lot of turnovers, as this offense is quite cautious, but I think they can keep the score down and maybe add a couple of sacks to up their points total this week. The Cowboys offense has no speed and no pop to it and that is easy for a defense to contain. The upside here is that the Cowboys offensive line has troubles which if the Giants can exploit could lead to the monster game. I think the chance is unlikely but it could happen.

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