Quarterback Streamers week 2

Bucs Ryan Fitzpatrick

Quarterback streamers had some real upside in Week 1, especially if you were brave enough to go with Case Keenum and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now moving onto week two streaming quarterbacks is extremely important.

We have at least two starting quarterbacks with potentially major injuries in Marcus Mariota and Aaron Rodgers. The issue is that neither of them will be droppable this week but you may need a replacement for them. That is where streaming come into the equation, because right now you may just need to cover week two. Even if you need someone for more than this week then you can go right back to the streaming well in 2018.

For this article I will only look to select QBs that are under 70% owned.

Alex Smith vs Indianapolis Colts (62% owned)

Smith had a quietly effective game in week one, throwing for 255 yards and two touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. The only reason that his day was not better was because the Cardinals offense was so abject that the Redskins were able to take the foot off the gas and lean on Adrian Peterson. His opponent this week are the Colts, who surrendered 17 fantasy points to Andy Dalton in week one. Smith is a better QB than Dalton and he should be able to really take advantage of a so-so Colts defense. Smith will not have an issue with the Colts offense not being able to push the Redskins, as any Andrew Luck led team does not give up until the clock hits zero.

Case Keenum vs Oakland Raiders (25%)

Keenum managed to put up 22 fantasy points last week, despite throwing three interceptions. The concern is that the Seahawks defense is not great, but the positive is that the Raiders defense may be even worse. Keenum is still gelling with his new offense but he has a ton of weapons, and should be able to put up big numbers once again in week 2.

Mitch Trubisky vs Seattle Seahawks (18%)

Trubisky’s week one line was bizarre. He threw 35 passes for just 171 passing yards. In addition, he added a rushing touchdown which is how he even got to 14 fantasy points last week. The issue with Trubisky’s line is that the Bears jumped up to a big lead on the Green Bay Packers and got defensive in their play calling. Once you go down the route of getting defensive it is very hard to get going again. However, having been burned by that once I cannot believe the Bears would make the same mistake twice. In addition, I do not expect them to get that much of a lead against the Seahawks, meaning that Trubisky will need to keep his foot on the gas for the best part of 60 minutes. Trubisky flashed his talent in week one, now I expect him to show it in full force.

Tyrod Taylor @ New Orleans Saints (12%)

Taylor had a 24 point week, despite completing just 15 of his 40 passes, for one touchdown and one interception. The reason for that is that Taylor added 77 yards rushing and a touchdown on the ground. This week Taylor gets to face the New Orleans Saints who allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to score 42 points. The Saints defense looked ugly last week and Taylor, as inefficient as he was last week, is a better QB than Fitzpatrick. Taylor could have a monster day against a Saints defense which might be bad all day long.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Philadelphia Eagles (3%)

Fitzpatrick got off to a huge start Sunday in New Orleans. I do not expect him to quite have it so easy against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he should be able to have a solid outing. Matt Ryan and the Falcons had opportunities against the Eagles last week, they just didn’t take advantage of them. They had three red zone trips that they failed to turn into touchdowns and I expect Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers to be more efficient than that this week. This Fitzpatrick train has a clear end point but until then hop on board and enjoy the ride.

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