Fantasy Baseball: Roto outfield rankings

The sheer weight of numbers involved makes putting together roto outfield rankings a real slog but doing it can be really insightful especially when it comes to the low end upside options. The position in general is very broken down in that there are big lumps of similar guys and then fairly big falls into either mediocrity or uncertainty. Trying to navigate all of that is going to be really difficult and my advice when drafting would be to get 2/3 or 3/5 of your outfield fairly early (top 25ish) and then find some guys later you are comfortable gambling on. If you pick dozen or so and don’t get too attached to anyone then you can treat them as a couple of tiers you can pick off the one that is either the best value or suits the needs of your team at that time in the draft.


In terms of the top end there is a five man race to compete for the #1 spot with Mike Trout and then another three guys who if they can put together another great year will be ranked right up there among the top five next year. After that is becomes a lot about picking your guys in the next couple of tiers before turning your attention to upside. I wrote about the upside that might be able to be found in the Miami outfield here and this week I have looked at how Delino DeShields promotion to top of the order might be good for fantasy. There are some interesting situations to watch as camp breaks including Victor Robles and the Nationals, Austin Hays and the Orioles and the Carlos Gonzalez caused chaos in Colorado which I have covered in more detail here.

As with all rankings I do, the roto outfield rankings are put together based on ESPN eligibility. For outfield that has an effect in terms of the flexibility of where you can play the likes of Bellinger and Hoskins and whether you use guys eligible at the middle infield there where it may be weaker. The depth of outfield means that unlike other positions there is not really the generic if this guy has this eligibility play him there like there is for other positional ranks.

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