Week 5 Defense Streaming

The week 5 defense streaming article has perhaps been the easiest of the season so far. Planning ahead has become tougher with the bye weeks for 10 teams over the next three weeks but in terms of this week it was one of the easiest sets of decisions I have ever made when it comes to defense. There are some clear offenses to avoid and some clear ones to target given what we have seen in the last four weeks. There have been some surprises such as the Raiders struggles and the Rams explosion the last two weeks but generally a pattern is starting to form. A few questions I have going into this week:

  • What the hell is going on in Miami?!
  • When are the famous New England adjustments coming because right now that defense is horrific?
  • Can Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota get back sooner rather than later?

Bye Weeks

Week 5: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins

Week 6: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks

Week 7: Detroit Lions, Houston Texans

Start multiple weeks

(New additions in red)

Tennessee Titans (14%) @ Miami Dolphins, vs. Indianapolis Colts, @ Cleveland Browns

I just watched the Dolphins suck worse than I’ve ever seen a team suck. The Colts and Browns are hit and miss right now. The Titans bad week against the Texans was largely down to the brilliance of Watson and mistake by their offense.

Oakland Raiders (36%) vs. Baltimore Ravens, vs. LA Chargers

In a stunning twist all of the Raiders problems lie with their offense. The defense has been top notch this year so far and the Ravens and Chargers have struggled a bit on offense. This could be a nice two week home stand for the D.

Start this week

Cincinnati Bengals (54%) vs. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are great on D but not on O. The Bengals defense should be able to keep this a low enough scoring game to give their O the chance to win.

San Francisco 49ers (2%) @ Indianapolis Colts

Brissett showed some frailties and the 49ers defense has actually been fairly solid this season.

Cleveland Browns (2%) vs. New York Jets

Again the Jets are good on D but not great on O. If the Browns can shut down the big plays they can keep this a low scoring affair and give Kizer and chance to win his first game.

Beware for a couple of weeks

Carolina Panthers (53%) @ Detroit Lions, vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Going to Detroit is never fun and the Eagles have a pretty good offense.

Arizona Cardinals (88%) @ Philadelphia Eagles, vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, @ LA Rams

These are three really solid offenses (The Rams rank#1 overall on O right now!!!!!) so I am staying away despite the Cardinals having been solid on defense this year.

Sit this week

Houston Texans (82%) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Redskins showed you can keep this offense quiet and the Texans will have plays but I think this could be a high scoring affair.

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