The last and final installment to my dynasty tiers are the Defensive Backs, there are plentiful out there to be had but for me I have my guys I like to target and would ride or die with them throughout the season.  One big reason why I go this route instead of the ever so popular mentioned “just stream DB’s” is because I’ve been in multiple leagues where we didn’t have waivers, so having used your drafted team and/or players acquired in trades is what you got.  There are also leagues that have a certain amount of waiver moves you can make per season; per week even! so with those type of settings you become a lot more disciplined on which position to acquire, so this is where I just go get my guys already and let em contribute throughout the season.

There’s a ton of depth to be had though, if you want to swing for the upside then you’ll be bypassing the upper half of the DB’s.  In CB required leagues, there’s a handful of top notch CB1’s but a ton of CB2’s to target and you’ll be fine either route (but for example; I like Jalen Ramsey therefore I will target him at a comfortable spot as my CB1).  Many ways you can go when building your secondary, whether it’s CB required or DB (mixed).

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.21.30 PM



  • pretty much stating the obvious, they bring the pain each and every week and the upper echelon of DB’s.  You’d be fine picking one of them and waiting on DB’s as they’ll pretty much carry your secondary.


  • the rest of the best or shall i say weekly DB1’s, yes Mathieu is there because a healthy Mathieu is one of the better playmakers in the league.  He’s definitely a risk/reward but so is Geathers, when both are healthy though they’ll produce.  Joseph will hit his DB1 mark this season, those who got him cheap last season will sit back and enjoy.


  • these are weekly DB2’s, if you wait on DB’s and you’re able to land at least 2 from this tier, you’ll be fine as well.  The CB’s listed in this unit I have full confidence rolling out weekly as my DB2 and they’re easily CB1’s in CB leagues; they’re ballers and Peters can get a pick-six at any moment.  Think Tavon is underrated heading into 2017 and Reid with his new SS role will thrive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.39.08 PM



  • this tier is filled with your sleepers and breakouts, a handful of DB1 breakouts mixed in with DB2 breakouts then you got a few here that are making their presence known in IDP, it’s time to get them on the map.


  • these are the rookies who I believe have DB1 potential, some may have it right out the back and the others will get there by seasons end.  Once Woods gets ahold of Church’s position, look out as Heath is meh at best and will be replaced by a baller named Xavier.  Don’t sleep on Marcus Williams.


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 6.02.34 PM


  • this tier are the rookies who have DB2 potential, there might be even a couple in here who’ll be fringe DB1 guys BUT I’d feel a lot more comfortable rolling them out as my DB2 weekly.  Draft accordingly, you’ll be able to get a lot of these guys later in your rookie drafts and the CB’s here are top CB2 players – lot of upside here, especially Adoree and Quincy.


  • the DB3 tier, ones you’ll have as depth and use as spot starters and/or bye week fillers.  Lot of mixture between upside and floor, as good as Hayward has been last season – he’ll be good but may not hit that level again but remains a solid DB option and a great CB option, in CB leagues he is a weekly starter (to put it that way).

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 6.04.44 PM


  • this is your DB4 tier, your depth and bench guys who’ll help you when an injury occurs and you don’t have to spend time on waivers (potentially).  Or you might even just scout waivers and these guys will be there, I think we can bump up Shead though when he comes back from injury, one of the better CB’s to have in CB leagues BUT Griffin may also run away with the job opposite Sherman, that played a part too.  Either way a lot of mix and match from DB3 and DB4, but I have a bit more trust in DB3 guys.


  • this tier is those you don’t have to target, you won’t lose sleep if you don’t pick either of these players listed.  Many times a lot of them are better on the field than contributing to your IDP squad, some just aren’t good and a bunch are on their last year or two (Nelson) to name one.


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