Hello My Name is Sean McVay Head Coach Los Angeles Rams…Remember Excitement Does Not Equal Fantasy Football Points

Rams Sean McVay

The Los Angeles Rams have hired the youngest coach in the NFL.  Sean McVay will be 31 when the 2017 NFL football season opens.  Now if you believe Aaliyah’s “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”, then you are a little less concerned if the Rams are your team.  However, team loyalty has nothing to do with winning your fantasy league.  And while McVay is the “IT” man in LA right now, yes he is exuberant, and smart and in the Jon Gruden mode (remind me again why that’s a good thing), right now Jared Goff is still his quarterback. And nothing personal but the acquisition of Robert Woods to the wide receiver position doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

So by all accounts McVay is a boy genius.  Immersed  in football he is an offensive wunderkind.  Chris Conley has stated, “…never met anyone who liked the game of football more than Sean McVay, and it’s not even close.”  McVay made a multi-million dollar man out of quarterback Kirk Cousin.  But this ain’t Washington and Goff isn’t Cousins.

McVay’s Football History

played receiver at Miami (Ohio) from 2005-07, appeared in 26 games and caught 39 passes for 312 yards

* Washington coaching assistant 2008

* UFL Florida Tuskers tight ends coach 2009

* Washington offensive assistant 2010

* Washington tight ends coach 2011-2013

* Washington offensive coordinator 2014-2017

-Washington Under McVay

* scored 10th most points in the NFL

* ranked 3rd in NFL in third-down percentage past two seasons (Rams were last)

Rams Jared  Goff

Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

– Rams Under Jared Goff

* lost seven consecutive games / Rams finished season 4-12

* over the final seven weeks of the season Goff was sacked 26 times

* Goff finished with 1089 passing yards/ seven interceptions and five touchdowns/ completing 54% of his passes

So we have an offensive genius who will be calling plays for a first round pick that was anything but….

Now let’s talk about that defense.

The best move yet was hiring Wade Phillips as their defensive coordinator.  Phillips will be guiding Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, Robert Quinn, and Connor Barwin.

Aaron Donald 2016 stats: 47 tackles, 8.0 sacks and two forced fumbles.

Michael Brockers 2016 stats: 19 tackles

Robert Quinn 2016 stats: 10 tackles, four sacks

Connor Barwin 2016 stats: 34 tackles, five sacks and one forced fumble

So if you want to be on the right side of fantasy points, look towards the defense, especially Donald.  Not saying that the offense will be an epic fail, there is after all Todd Gurley.  Sure Gurley broke your fantasy hearts. His pedestrian stats amounted to 278 attempts for 885 rushing yards and six touchdowns.  He had no help.  Now he has McVay, and as much as I doubt Goff is going to light up your fantasy happy places, Gurley will make a believer out of all of us.  Maybe a spark in those happy places?

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