NBA DFS: Better Late than Never

Today, DraftKings has decided to finally give a test run in their NBA DFS contests (or who knows how long it’ll last actually) to what they’ve been doing in just about every other sport other than basketball. They’ve decided to split one of the larger slates in two with the main slate having the early games, and saving the last two games for the late slate (and celebrating by having a huge prize pool for the first day of this)!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.21.29 AM 

With this big prize pool, there will be a lot of entries, but also it will bring a lot of inexperience to the table on how to handle extremely short slates and how to analyze the games so I’ve decided to do the best I can to give a couple tips to help ease you guys into the process!


Tip 1: Don’t overthink. It’s a short slate, the plays are right in front of you — and don’t try to get too crazy differentiating when it’s not needed. Tying for first with 20 people is a lot better than sitting on the cash line bubble.


Tip 2: Projections, projections, projections. Projections for each player are more important in short two game slates than they are normally as unique lineup construction will be at a premium. A projection for a lineup that has 96% of salary left and may leave some of us at great unease, may be higher than the rest of the lineups following the traditional “use at least 99% of salary” lineup rule. Trust yourself, go with your gut, and everything will fall into place.


Tip 3: This tip is pretty specific for today; understand there will be blowout run, certain starters won’t get their full allotment of minutes, but that doesn’t just mean go and start their backup. More than likely (and I’ve personally witnessed this and it’s made the difference between 1st and 2nd place for me) when the game decides to blow, the starter’s work will be done and in a raw points situation when there aren’t a lot of pivots, the backup won’t be much of a concern. Very, very, very special cases like in the beginning of the year; the Clippers blew the Blazers out of the water and were up by about 30 at halftime leading Mo Speights to get more run than he should’ve. This almost led him to prevent me from binking. He didn’t. 😉


That’s all for today guys, if you have any questions about the article please feel free to contact me on Twitter — see you at the top of the leaderboards!

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