2017 Mock Draft 1.0

Myles Garrett

About a week ago Jared Forest reached out to me, asking if I wanted to do a 2017 mock draft with him.  I thought it was a great idea and agreed to make a first round mock.  We both compiled our own order, exchanged and were surprised to see how many of the same guys we had going in the same spots.  Here’s a basic look at how our mocks lined up, side by side, as well as a detailed explanation of why we chose each player going where.  Any thoughts or questions please hit us up on twitter @FF_Fugazi  &  @ThatGuyFromJerz.

Team Order Fugazi’s Mock 1.0 Jared’s Mock 1.0
1. Browns Myles Garrett – DE Myles Garrett – DE
2. 49ers Mitch Trubisky – QB Mitch Trubisky – QB
3. Bears Jonathan Allen – DT Deshaun Watson – QB
4. Jags Jamal Adams – SS Jamal Adams – SS
5. Titans Mike Williams – WR Mike Williams – WR
6. Jets Marshon Lattimore – CB Marshon Lattimore – CB
7. Chargers Malik Hooker – FS Malik Hooker – FS
8. Panthers Leonard Fournette – RB Jonathan Allen – DT
9. Bengals Reuben Foster – LB Reuben Foster – LB
10. Bills Deshaun Watson – QB Ryan Ramczyk – OT
11. Saints Solomon Thomas – DE Quincy Wilson – CB
12. Browns Sidney Jones – CB Deshone Kizer – QB
13. Cardinals Jarrad Davis – LB OJ Howard – TE
14a. Eagles* Corey Davis – WR Corey Davis – WR
14b. Colts* OJ Howard – TE Dalvin Cook – RB
16. Ravens TreDavious White – CB Sidney Jones – CB
17. Redskins Taco Charlton – DE Taco Charlton – DE
18. Titans Teez Tabor – CB Marlon Humphrey – CB
19. Buccaneers Dalvin Cook – RB Leonard Fournette – RB
20. Broncos Cam Robinson – OT Cam Robinson – OT
21. Lions Marlon Humphrey – CB Teez Tabor – CB
22. Dolphins David Njoku – TE Tim Williams – LB
23. Giants Takkarist McKinley – LB David Njoku – TE
24. Raiders Quincy Wilson – CB Derek Barnett – DE
25. Texans Ryan Ramczyk – OT Garett Boles – OT
26. Seahawks Garett Boles – OT Forrest Lamp – OG
27. Chiefs Jabrill Peppers – SS Jabrill Peppers – SS
28. Cowboys Zach Cunningham – LB Takkarist McKinley – LB
29. Packers Christian McCaffrey – RB TreDavious White – CB
30. Steelers Tim Williams – LB Haason Reddick – LB
31. Falcons Derek Barnett – DE Charles Harris – DE
32. Patriots Curtis Samuel – WR Dan Feeny – OG

*(Side note: the Eagles & Colts pick order have yet to be determined.)

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1 – Cleveland Browns

Fugazi’s pick: Myles Garrett – DE, Texas A&M

This one seems to be a no brainer.  Myles Garrett is a coveted prospect and the clear overall #1 in the draft this year.  The only way I could see the Browns taking anyone else here is if they really fall in love with one of the QB prospects and are afraid he won’t be around the time their 12th pick comes around.

Jared’s pick: Myles Garrett – DE, Texas A&M

I sincerely tried to imagine the browns not taking Garrett here, but its that much out of the realms of possibilities.  Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com beat me to it when he compared him to a young Julius Peppers with his combination of size, speed and technique.  This man is going to put on a show at the Combine and the browns really need to not over think this one.

UNC Mitch Trubisky

Rob Kinnan – USA TODAY Sports

2 – San Francisco 49ers

Fugazi’s pick: Mitch Trubisky – QB, North Carolina

Kyle  Shanahan is an offensive guru and it seems apparent to me he will want a QB to work with right away to get into his system.  Trubisky is the best QB overall in this year’s draft in my opinion and should be able to step right into the offense.  Not that I think it will be to immediate success, but with time he could be a very viable NFL starting QB. Only way I see them going anywhere else is to sure up the defensive side of the ball on either the D-Line or a D-back.

Jared’s pick: Mitch Trubisky – QB, North Carolina

Quick disclaimer here… I don’t think that this QB class is that talented.  Now with that out of the way, I think the 49ers build toward the future here.  Trubisky is my top ranked QB in this class showing good size (6-3, 220) and above average athleticism.  He has mechanics that Shanahan can work to improve as he did with Trubisky’s closest comparable… Matty Ryan.

3 – Chicago Bears

Fugazi’s pick: Jonathan Allen – DL, Bama

I could definitely see the Bears wanting to QB here, but they are a defensive city and this is a defensive draft.  Jonathan Allen seems too good for them to pass up on.  His positional versatility and explosiveness from the interior of the defensive line make him a unique talent that I think the Bears need.

Jared’s pick: Deshaun Waston – QB, Clemson

I understand that the popular pick here might be Allen, but the bears are going to need to find someone to pair with Kevin White and Cam Meredith in the post-Cutler era.  Watson is a proven winner at Clemson but facing major issues with his accuracy and decision making could prove worrisome at draft time.

4 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Fugazi’s pick: Jamal Adams – S, LSU

I believe Adams will be an elite safety in the NFL for years to come.  Good against the pass and the run, he can do it all.  After getting Ramsey last year, it’s hard to image the Jaguars passing on this level of talent and the opportunity to sure up the defensive side of the ball.

Jared’s pick: Jamal Adams – S, LSU

The clear top DB in the draft will pair great with Ramsey for a young and powerful secondary.  Adams is a perfect blend of ball hawk and big hitter that will test into a class of his own at the combine.  Malik Hooker is excellent, but he’s not in the same class as Adams.

5 – Tennessee Titans

Fugazi’s Pick: Mike Williams – WR, Clemson

This feels a little high for Mike Williams to go, but I think the Titans will salivate at the opportunity to give Mariota a great down field target who can bring down the rock in the highest of traffic.  I also like Corey Davis more, but think Williams could bring them to the upper echelons of high flying NFL offenses.

Jared’s pick: Mike Williams – WR, Clemson

They whiffed on DGB and need a big play threat to pair with Mariotta.  I rank Corey Davis higher on my board than Williams, but I think the combination of a small school and the ankle injury will send Corey down the list.

6 – New York Jets

Fugazi’s pick: Marshon Lattimore – CB, Ohio State

Todd Bowles is a defensive master mind.  With Revis island becoming a continent and his off field issues, the Jets need an elite level CB.  Lattimore is definetly the best CB in the draft this year in my opninion.  He has the ability to close the gap on receiver after they appear open and make some amazing plays.

Jared’s pick: Marshon Lattimore – CB, Ohio State

The Jets can’t take a QB here after drafting Petty and Hackenberg… right?… RIGHT???  Regardless, the Jets have a ton of holes and generally they go best player available.  Lattimore is the best corner in the draft, which could possibly allow them to move Revis to safety.

7 – San Diego Chargers

Fugazi’s pick: Malik Hooker – S, Ohio State

The Chargers need help on defense, plain and simple.  Adding Hooker to roam and disrupt the secondary will benefit everyone else on the field, from Hayward in coverage to Bosa getting after the QB.  They have had offensive line issues as well though and it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see them address that.

Jared’s pick: Malik Hooker – S, Ohio State

Still struggling to fill the void left by Eric Weddle, the Chargers need to pounce on Malik at this spot.  Hookers combination of ball skills and intelligence will fill nicely as a high floor pick to stack with a developing defense.

8 – Carolina Panthers

Fugazi’s pick: Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU

The Panthers need an RB.  Fournette is a bruising, straight line runner that is hard to compare to any other running back in recent memory.  He’s also good at pass protection which makes him the clear choice in my mind for the Pathers to fit their system and tough minded mentality assuming he is still available.

Jared’s pick: Jonathan Allen – DL, Bama

I get it… The panthers need a RB.  They also need offensive line help to protect Cam and I think they can afford to gamble for a RB in the early 2nd round.  A gift falls to them with Jonathan Allen as an immediate impact player to solidify an already outstanding front 7.

9 – Cincinnati Bengals

Fugazi’s pick: Reuben Foster – LB, Bama

The Bengals have lots of needs in my opinion, but Foster is probably the best  linebacker in this draft class and it only makes sense to me that they would want to solidify the center of their defense.  They were ranked 21st against the run last year and Foster is a monster against the run.

Jared’s pick: Reuben Foster – LB, Bama

The only reason why Foster would fall this far is because of the shoulder surgery.  The Bengals have plenty of linebackers now… But they are all slow and/or old.  It is time they address this position by injecting some youth and speed into the mix.  The best LB in the class will fit perfect in the tough and powerful AFC North.

Deshaun Watson


10 – Buffalo Bills

Fugazi’s pick: Deshaun Waston – QB, Clemson

The Bills don’t seem sold on Tyrod Taylor for the future.  I could see them locking in Deshaun Watson here and possibly giving him time to develop and be groomed into a solid starting QB in the NFL.

Jared’s pick: Ryan Ramczyk – OT, Wisconsin

This one was tough for me.  The Bills can go in a variety of different directions but I don’t think QB is going to be their top choice with Cardale Jones on the roster.  The Bills RT situation is a disaster but I would not be shocked to see a pairing for Sammy go in this pick.

11 – New Orleans Saints

Fugazi’s pick: Solomon Thomas – DE, Stanford

Defense, as they say, wins championships.  Not a particularly strong suit of the Saints.  In fact they have been downright awful in recent years.  Solomon can be an elite defense player against the run and the pass and I think will be a great pick for the Saints to bolster their defensive line.

Jared’s pick: Quincy Wilson – DB, Florida

The Saints defense is bad… We all know this.  Quincy is one of the more physical corners in the draft and will pair nicely will Delvin Breaux.  However, as I said earlier… This defense is terrible and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try to pair someone with young Sheldon Rankins.

12 – Cleveland Browns

Fugazi’s pick: Sidney Jones – CB, Washington

I know the conventional pick for the Browns here would be a QB, but the Browns are anything but conventional.  Sidney Jones is an elite CB prospect and did not allow a single touchdown in coverage his last season at Washington.  With all their analytics, I think the Browns might find it too intelligent to not allow passing TDs happen against them.

Jared’s pick: Deshone Kizer – QB, ND

The browns passed on a QB 1st overall, and get lucky here as the 3rd of the top tier fall to them.  Kizer needs a ton of work in his mechanics but would be given some decent weapons out of the gate for him to mature around.

13 – Arizona Cardinals

Fugazi’s pick: Jarrad Davis – LB, Florida

The Cardinals have a fetish for extremely athletic defensive players.  With a lot of their guys continuing to get banged up (Bucannon, Mathieu, etc.) I think though they have needs in a lot of places, they are going to want Davis’ elite ability to cover large amounts of the field.

Jared’s pick: OJ Howard – TE, Bama

The Cardinals need to surround Carson and Fitz with bodies while they still have them.  OJ Howard gives them a threat that will make teams defenses dizzy trying to plan for them.  The combination of Howard, Fitz, John and Jaron and the best two-way back in the league will give Carson plenty of options.

14 – Indianapolis Colts

Fugazi’s pick: OJ Howard – TE, Bama

The Colts have many glaring needs in my opinion, however Luck loves his tight ends. Dwayne Allen cannot stay healthy and I am not sold on Jack Doyle being anything more than just a guy.  OJ Howard is an elite TE prospect who can block and catch.  He has great athletic ability and can see the Colts being hard pressed to pass on him.  

Jared’s pick: Dalvin Cook – RB, FSU

I know… Cook before Fournette?  Yes… Because Dalvin Cook is better, in fact… He’s on his own tier.  The colts need defense badly, but Frank Gore is old and the Colts need to avoid becoming that one dimensional team that never improves.  Dalvin has shown Leveon like patience and will fit perfectly in this offense.  

15 – Philadelphia Eagles

Fugazi’s pick: Corey Davis – WR, West. Michigan

The Eagles gave up a lot to move up the draft board last year to get Carson Wentz.  This year, if he’s available, I can see them doubling down on that move by getting, who is in my opinion, the best WR in this years draft class.  Davis is a route running technician, who has a big body (listed at 6’3”) with great athleticism yet plays like a smaller receiver in his abilities to get open and gain yards after the catch.  They would be fools to pass on him here.

Jared’s pick: Corey Davis – WR, West. Michigan

Right after my top RB of the class, my top WR will go.  The Eagles have a decent enough defense that they are able to afford to take a play maker here with enormous upside.  The trio of Davis, DGB and Matthews with Ertz will make Wentz a happy man.  Oh… and Nelson Agholor is still awful.

16 – Baltimore Ravens

Fugazi’s pick: TreDavious White – CB, LSU

The Ravens want an elite defensive presence.  White’s abilities in coverage will strengthen their defense no doubt, but his athleticism in the return game will make him a great pick for their special teams as well.

Jared’s pick: Sydney Jones – CB, Wash

The Harbaughs will be talking to each other on draft day with the prospect of a couple of Michigan’s finest on the board, but I think the Ravens take the best CB left.  Jones may have the highest floor of the CB’s in the draft but also doesn’t have an incredibly high ceiling.  A consistent polished corner is what the Ravens need.

17 – Washington Redskins

Fugazi’s pick: Taco Charlton – DE, Mich

If he falls this low, the Redskins should definitely take him.  They could look to add a WR, but in the hopes Josh Doctson coming back fully healthy next season, I think they address the much needed problem of their defensive line.

Jared’s pick: Taco Charlton – DE, Mich

At the time of writing this, Desean and Pierre are still Washington WR’s.  With that being said, I think they address defense with the top DL available.  Taco shows great size and should be an immediate impact as a pass rusher, but more importantly… a run stopper with a great name.

18 – Tennessee Titans

Fugazi’s pick: Teez Tabor – CB, Florida

As the Titans continue their efforts to build an elite offense, they shouldn’t ignore their poor defensive situation.  Tabor is an elite CB prospect. With 26% of targets thrown his way broken up or intercepted in his last 2 seasons at Florida, he will bring some much needed aggressiveness to their D.

Jared’s pick: Marlon Humphrey – CB, Bama

I don’t THINK the Titans would take ANOTHER WR here after taking Mike Williams earlier… So, Marlon Humphrey it is.  Humphrey is a solid corner with great size and length that needs to learn how to play the position better.  He’ll take his bumps but the Titans need to improve the corner play.

FSU Dalvin Cook

Mark Wallheiser – Associated Press

19 – Tampa Bay Bucs

Fugazi’s pick: Dalvin Cook – RB, FSU

This seems like a far way to fall for Cook, however with his shoulder & off the field issues, I could see it happening.  Which works out like a dream for the Bucs who could reunite Jameis & Dalvin.  Cook is the real deal, let them have their story book ending.

Jared’s pick: Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU

I bet you were curious to see how far I would have him fall after Cook.  With Doug Martins recent off field troubles and Sims being a 3rd down back, this allows Fournette to jump into a young and thriving offense.  He’s a very good back but the ankle and injury concerns during his senior year frighten me a bit.

20 – Denver Broncos

Fugazi’s pick: Cam Robinson – OT, Bama

The Broncos need to protect their QB, whoever that is going to be.  Not sure if Cam will get to play LT, but he’s definitely capable of being a starting offensive lineman and if it weren’t for his off the field issues, I think he’d probably be going higher.

Jared’s pick: Cam Robinson – OT, Bama

In a draft with a lack of O-Line talent, it’s a tough spot for Denver.  Garrett Boles came on strong but Cam Robinson has been a more consistent tackle during his time.  Regardless who they draft here, it better be on the offensive line.

21 – Detroit Lions

Fugazi’s pick: Marlon Humphrey – CB, Bama

The Lions have question marks in multiple areas on the team, but pass defense is a heavy one.  Humphrey is underappreciated in this draft class chalk full of stout cornerbacks and the Lions would be lucky to have him.

Jared’s pick: Teez Tabor – CB, Florida

Tabor and Slay are going to be a very very tough pair of corners to throw on.  In a division with Aaron Rodgers, it is always good to add a cornerback that has a ceiling to be able to lock down one side of the field.  Not #1 in my ranking, Tabor is #1 in my heart and may test himself into the top 10 after the combine.

22 – Miami Dolphins

Fugazi’s pick: David Njoku – TE, Miami

Miami needs a solid TE.  Njoku can be a monster in the vertical game and will add an element to their offense they desperately need.

Jared’s pick: Tim Williams – LB, Bama

I’ll admit it… This is probably my reach of the draft.  Tim Williams has incredible upside but character concerns and a possible lack of motor has seen him drop dramatically.  I think the Dolphins will try to utilize him as a strictly pass rushing monster opposite Cam Wake to give them an incredibly scary line.

23 – New York Giants

Fugazi’s pick: Takkarist McKinley – DE, UCLA

The Giants need to maintain their defensive prowess if they want to continue being a contender with Eli at the helm. Though I’m not sure Paul Perkins is their lead running back next season and could see them going for an RB, McKinley is solid against the pass and the run and I think would be a great addition to their D-line. With JPP an impending free agent, they might need to do look there.

Jared’s pick: David Njoku – TE, Miami

They spent a ton of money on defense a year ago, and recently released a few weapons.  This is the perfect spot to reload on the offensive side of the ball and the best strictly pass catching tight end.  Njoku’s athleticism is similar to when Ebron came out and will make defenses heads spin with him, Sterling and OBJ to plan for.

24 – Oakland Raiders

Fugazi’s pick: Quincy Wilson – CB, Florida

As the Raiders become more pass happy, they need to defend the pass as well.  Though I’m not in love with Wilson, I think they could go to him looking for solid coverage.

Jared’s pick: Derek Barnett – DE, Tenn

Ok, enough of Barnett being an alternate for the last 10 teams.  The raiders offense is pretty stout so they can make a play to put someone opposite Mack.  He isn’t the fastest, strongest or most athletic… But he is relentless which is going to be perfect on that line.

25 – Houston Texans

Fugazi’s pick: Ryan Ramczyk – OT, Wisconsin

The Texans absolutely need to bolster their offensive line.  With Brock Osweiler at QB, any sign of danger and he is throwing the ball in the dirt.  Ramczyk can pass block as well as block the run and will also benefit the Texans investment in Lamar Miller.  This feels like an old Right Guard sports stick commerical: “Anything less would be uncivilized.”

Jared’s pick: Garrett Boles – OT, Utah

I was humoring the idea of having the Texans draft mini Watt, but that would be ridiculous.  Garrett Boles is an extremely athletic Tackle who has the diversity to move all around the line.  The Texans made the financial investment on this team with skill players and now it’s time that they protect them.

26 – Seattle Seahawks

Fugazi’s pick: Garrett Boles – OT, Utah

The clear need for Seattle is their offensive line.  A team that really wants to run, as well as protect their franchise QB, needs to strengthen that O-line.  Boles might actually be the best OLine player in the draft this year.  If he is still available, he’d be just what the doctor ordered. (It’s late, and for some reason my mind keeps coming up with old brand slogans…smh)

Jared’s pick: Forrest Lamp – OG, West. Kentucky

What’s this?? A run on offensive lineman?  No, not at all.  The Seahawks are almost as desperate for line help as the Broncos are.  With the top two guards available, Seattle will have its pick for interior help.

27 – Kansas City Chiefs

Jared’s pick: Jabrill Peppers – DB, Mich

I’m not exactly sure what Peppers is going to play yet, but he is good. We know that.  He could end up playing a hybrid linebacker role or fill the safety spot Eric Berry leaves in the dust to go somewhere and get paid.

Jared’s pick: Jabrill Peppers – DB, Mich

An Eric Berry replacement perhaps?  Peppers has the ability to play everywhere to include opposite Peters, in the box or manned up on a Tight End.  Plus, imagine Peppers and Hill back to return kicks?

28 – Dallas Cowboys

Fugazi’s pick: Zach Cunningham – LB, Vanderbilt

With speed and physicality, at 6’4”, 230, them Cowboys like to go big or go home.  This probably feels like a reach to some, but they need to build up that defense if they want to be a run 1st team and protect their leads that Zeke built.

Jared’s pick: Takkarist Mckinley – DE, UCLE

The boys need pass rush help bad, this pick is as simple as that and should not be over thought.  Mckinley is a vocal play maker who needs a system like the Cowboys to thrive in.  This will lead the way in Dallas having the best draft class for the 2nd straight year.

Stanford Christian McCaffery

Getty Images

29 – Green Bay Packers

Fugazi’s pick: Christian McCaffrey – RB, Stanford

The Pack have many needs on the defensive side of the ball, but if McCaffrey is still there at this pick, it feels like a no brainer.  He can run up the gut, he can line up out wide and he has a return game.  His versatility and athleticism will give the Packers plenty of options they will need with the way Aaron Rodgers has a tendency to makes changes and audibles on the fly.

Jared’s pick: Tre’Davious White – DB, LSU

Defense, Defense, Defense.  Pass rush, linebacker help, secondary… The pack can go in a ton of different directions and while I think Harris would be a great fit here, Tre’Davious White is an even better one.  That secondary got abused with the Shields injury and White would step in as a day 1 starter.

30 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Fugazi’s pick: Tim Williams – LB, Bama

Tim Williams is an outside LB, edge defender who I could see replacing the aging James Harrison (whom I am not even sure will be playing next year, that dude is like 50).  Not that linebacker is the most needed position to fill for the Steelers, but it seems like a great fit to me.

Jared’s pick: Hasaan Reddick – LB, Temple

As a Temple Student, I admit that I am biased with this.  Pairing Reddick and T-Mat up and keeping them In-state would be incredible.  The Senior Bowl practice week defensive MVP can play inside or outside and take over for Timmons or Harrison from day 1.

31 – Atlanta Falcons

Fugazi’s pick: Derek Barnett – DE, Tenn

The last few years, Atlanta has been building a powerful defensive unit with the additions of Vic Beasley, Deion Jones & Keanu Neal.  To add a great defensive end/edge rusher to the other side of the line opposite Beasley seems like it would be an ideal scenario for them.  Though known for his pass rushing ability, Barnett is also very respectable in stopping the run.

Jared’s pick: Charles Harris – DE, Missouri

The only thing worse than the Falcons pass rush in the super bowl was the pass blocking ability of Devonta Freeman.  Vic Beasley is a great young talent, but he is the only person on that team that could even breathe on the QB.  Harris can be lined up on either side and will be Dan Quinn’s latest toy for him to develop.

32 – New England Patriots

Fugazi’s pick: Curtis Samuel – RB/WR, Ohio St.

Not that this is something the Patriots need, but Samuel can line up all over the field.  With his versatility and efficiency, I think he could be someone the Patriots just don’t want to pass up on.  I know they already have James White & Dion Lewis, but it wouldn’t be the 1st time they stock up on something they like.

Jared’s pick: Dan Feeny – OG, Indiana

Do the Patriots really EVER need anything?  The popular pick here is Mccaffery but that would be to easy, plus Dion Lewis is to similar of a back.  Feeny gives the patriots a very good interior lineman to help continue form that forcefield around Brady.  

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