Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: James Shields Schlacking

White Sox James Shields

There is nothing like impressing your new team mates and James Shields did quite the opposite in the 6/8 slate. The White Sox may well be counting there lucky stars they didn’t give anything of significance up for Shields as otherwise they might be looking for the customer services department for a refund. There were a couple of bad outings for decent pitchers last night, some studs being studs, some studs being good for a change and also a two home run game from a guy I promise you won’t guess if I give you 50 guesses so lets just say yesterday was interesting if nothing else!

The intention of this article is to sum up the real key fantasy standouts from each day in a bite size chunk for you to read on your commute or over your coffee. However, fantasy isn’t all that will feature here as any crazy plays or fantastic punches will also get there mention here. There won’t be any significant detail here but be sure to contact the team on @60ftpodcast if you want more analysis on certain players.

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I am also adding a transaction report when a relevant set of transactions occur. We are in the period where we could see a lot of prospects get the call and my aim is to keep you all updated on the major ones and give an estimation of how long-term the promotion is.

1. Jays crush Zimmermann

The Blue Jays chased Jordan Zimmermann from the game in the 5th innings after taking him for seven earned in just 4.2 innings. This is Zimmermann’s second seven earned run outing in his last four starts but his season ERA still sits at just 3.30 showing how good he has been the rest of the season. After struggling with an injury for a couple of weeks and now this outing I see Zimmermann as a buy low right now.

2. Bradley back to normal

Following his last two fantastic outings I had high hopes for the Diamondbacks Archie Bradley so last nights four walk, four earned run, 5.2 innings outing is not what I wanted to see. However, this is probably what we can consider the norm for Bradley’s career as walks have plagued him throughout the minors and his time in the majors. Bradley has the talent to be a really good pitcher but until he gets the control under grips it is tough to put much more stock into him that just a spot starter.

3. Tillman blanks Royals

A 7.1 innings, nine strikeout and zero earned run performance from Chris Tillman gives a lot to be excited about. Tillman is having a decent season with a 3.01 ERA but there have been some great starts mixed in with some pretty bad ones. Tillman isn’t a must own in anything shallower than 12 teams for me because he is just two hit and miss from outing to outing.

4. Parmalee joins the two home run club

In a game involving Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Carlos Beltran it is Chris Parmalee who manages to hit two home runs! Parmaless had yet to have an AB before last night and probably won’t see many going forward so this is literally just to say yeah he hit two home runs last night.

5. Shields gets Schlacked

Two innings, seven earned runs, eight hits and two walks. Welcome to Chicago James Shields! OK so the Nationals are tougher than your average team he will face but this is still a worrying sign for Shields owners who will be very close to jumping ship after seeing 17 runs given up in the last 4.2 innings! Personally I still have faith and I might go get him if he is dropped in leagues where I can upgrade a little at SP. This is as bad as he is going to be this season (I hope!)

6. Walker Spins a Beauty

Eight innings, 11 strikeouts, zero walks and just three hits in a shut out performance from Taijuan Walker. There is nothing more to do than look and admire right now as Walker is owned and started in pretty much every league. I personally am using this as a chance to sell on on Walker because his inconsistencies scare me a little but if I’ll happily sit back and enjoy superb outings like this one.

7. Price finally Performs

Nothing like a trip to a pitchers park is there David? Eight innings with just two earned runs will be a welcome relief for David Price owners who have been made to suffer a lot this year. Personally I am using this start to flog him as hard as I can because next time he is back in Fenway I am petrified all over again.

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