Fantasy Baseball: Avoid Overrating Pitchers at Petco Park

Petco Park San Diego Padres

There seems to be a common misnomer about Petco Park in San Diego. Many fantasy baseball owners assume there Petco is a pitcher’s haven where fly balls turn into cans of corn. However this is a myth that must be put to an end for the good of fantasy baseball owners everywhere.

Before the 2014 the San Diego Padres moved their fences closer to home plate in an effort to make the ball park more friendly to its hitters. The exact changes can be found here but they have moved in parts of the fence and lowered other parts. The effects on hitters wasn’t something that was seen immediately but it’s something that is becoming more evident. All the ballpark information can be found on ESPN’s Park Factor.

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In the first season of the new dimensions little seemed to be different. Petco second to last in terms of runs scored and was home to the 24th most home runs in the major leagues. However the 2015 season told a very different story as both runs and home runs took a dramatic leap. Petco Park saw the 20th most runs scored and an astonishing leap to 10th in terms of home runs allowed in the ballpark. While it’s still early in 2016 the trend from 2015 is becoming something to believe in. The park is 11th in terms of runs allowed and 14th in terms of home runs given.

Drew Pomeranz Padres

Kevin Carden – FOX Sports San Diego

Going forward for 2016 don’t assume that using any streamer against the Padres is worth a look. They are prone to the strikeout especially against right handed pitchers. They have struck out the 3rd most in the majors against right handers. They also strike out the 5th most as a team versus left handed pitching. Be careful with left handers though because unlike against right handed pitching where they are 28th in terms of runs and 29th in OPS as a team, the Padres score the 3rd most runs and have the 9th best OPS against left handed pitching thus far this season.

In daily leagues and DFS feel free to use your bats in San Diego. For pitchers obviously if an opportunity presents itself feel free to exploit it but don’t use a cheap or widely available starter to just to “take advantage of Petco.”

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