One Loose Lug Nut – Daily Fantasy NASCAR – Sprint All-Star Race

First off, I would like to thank @heisenbeers on Twitter for his excellent NASCAR article title suggestion. I feel like the loose lug nut theme fits this season and also fits me (as I have multiple loose lug nuts). Just like my Daily Fantasy PGA article, One Loose Lug Nut will be a weekly Daily Fantasy NASCAR staple here at The article will include pre-race analysis (where I check my crystal ball and tell you what’s going to happen), track history (which I check the annals of history and tell you what has happened), and then the picks (where I tell you who I think you should play or who I want you to play so that I can win all the monies, c’mon I would never do that to you guys)! Unfortunately this week, @Draftkings and @FantasyFeud have let us down and decided that us NASCAR Fan Boy’s don’t deserve a tournament this week. However, in many places across the country you will have the opportunity to legally or ahemmm gamble on the All-Star Race. Because of that fact I am still going to provide a little insight on the format and a pick or two to win the race.

After the Dust has settled at tonight’s Sprint Showdown, we will be under the lights for a chance at $1 Million Dollar’s tomorrow 5/21. The format this year is taking it old school and should provide some great late race action. The first segment of the race will be 50 laps and will be followed up by a mandatory 2 tire pit stop. Drivers can change more than 2 tires, but 2 is the minimum. After that we will go back to racing and another 50 lap stretch. The field for this stretch will be set by the position drivers are in when they exit pit road. There will also be a green flag pit stop for 2 tires before the 85 lap mark. After Segment 2 a random draw will determine if the 9, 10, or 11 drivers have to pit for a mandatory 4 tire pit stop. All other cars will be required to stay out, but will move up to the front of the pack. The 3rd Segment will be 13 laps where the new tires will battle it out against the old. It should be a race to the finish and truly something exciting to watch.

I know, I know…who cares about the format give me the pick. Well I can’t pick myself, even though I am a definite winner! The masses will be picking Jimmie Johnson, because Charlotte is the house that Johnson built and he has 4 All-Star wins. I also won’t be picking Dale Earnhardt Jr. even though I am one of the biggest Junior fanboy’s in NASCAR Country. So if no Hendrick love, who tops my list this week.

If I was a gambling man and I definitely am, I will be betting on Kyle Busch this week. Last years Sprint Cup Champion is 8-1 to pull down the victory and has raced great this season. His aggressiveness can sometimes lead to issues, but with Adam Stevens (Crew Chief) coming off of suspension this team has something to prove. Look for Rowdy to get rowdy in the last 13 laps and win his first All-Star Race this weekend. Put it in the bank and come back next week for some Daily Fantasy NASCAR picks at


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