NFL Draft 2016 Round 1: How Does It Impact Your Fantasy Team

It is finally over.  The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books.  And hopefully your team did well?   But what is really important is how does this impact your fantasy football team?  Were there any players draft worthy?  You betcha, here we go:

Offensive Players:

Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Miami Dolphins:  I know, you cannot draft an offensive tackle.  But last season in Ole Miss Tunsil did not allow a sack or a quarterback hit.  And now the man who was supposed to be a top three player fell to 13.  You think he won’t be playing with something to prove?  Listen, I know the Dolphins are still in need of a steady running back, but remember who their head coach is, the quarterback whisperer.

This won’t propel Ryan Tannehill to my first quarterback of the draft board.  But he is now worthy of a second look.  And if they can find a reliable running back,  I’m on board.  Join me will you?

Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys:  The only reason he is behind Tunsil is that Elliot is known as a great blocking back also.  But don’t be afraid to take him early and often.  The Cowboys still possess one of the top offensive lines in the league.  Elliot is a beast.  It isn’t crazy to believe he will have a really, really good year.

Corey Coleman, Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns:  I may be falling into the haze of a Hue Jackson bravado, but I like it.  Two Baylor players making a fantasy impact?  Yes please.  With Jackson’s schemes I believe in Coleman.  Pick him up in the late rounds of your draft.  I think this offense will be really special.

Defensive Players

Vernon Hargreaves III, Cornerback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Everyone is expecting the offense to be the talk this season with the Buccaneers.  Do not sleep on the defense, especially now.  Hargreaves is slightly undersized, but that didn’t stop him from playing head to head with the best in the SEC.  Hargreaves is aggressive and athletic.  He isn’t afraid to go against the best wide receivers.  And he is good against the run.  Both equal lots of time on the field.  That will mean fantasy points for you.

DeForest Buckner, Defensive Tackle, San Francisco 49ers:  Unfortunately this is Chip Kelly dependent.   Everything points to Buckner being a fantasy stud in the San Francisco defense.  But with Kelly as head coach all bets are off.  Still I am counting on Buckner to make a fantasy impact.

Robert Nkemdiche, Defensive Tackle, Arizona Cardinals:  If Nkemdiche can stay the path this is a win win.  Nkemdiche is a lot of talent in a combustible package.  Contain it and you have a run stopping machine with the ability to rush the passer from any position on the field.  It is all about containment, both on and off the field.

Rounds two and three tomorrow let’s see what it has to offer.

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