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Alright, the punch line is, admittedly, awful, but it got your attention, and that’s what I wanted. Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa is, arguably, the most polarizing figure in the 2016 NFL Draft. He’s this year’s Johnny Manziel, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. From rumored off-field drug use(not confirmed, so I won’t bother to substantiate this) to what position he’ll play, people can’t stop talking about Bosa. I’ve seen him listed at both defensive end AND outside linebacker, as an every down player and also a situational pass rusher.

Look, I’m not an NFL expert, so my evaluation means less than nothing. That being said, I’m going to give you my evaluation, anyway.

Watching his Combine, as well as his pro day, it’s clear to me that Bosa is a hand-in the-dirt defensive lineman. Watching him go through his drills at both the Combine and Pro Day, he just looks more natural and smooth coming off the line. He looked more confident and natural, ready to make plays and wreak havoc. Stand him up as an outside linebacker, though, and he looks like a fish out of water(to my untrained eye, anyway). He looked awkward and uncomfortable standing up and dropping into coverage, and it didn’t seem that he had the same burst and explosion as when he’s a down lineman. But, again, I’m not an NFL scout or expert.


The NFL Draft take place April 28-30

The NFL Draft take place April 28-30

What I want to do in this article is take a look at potential landing spots for Bosa. I’ve seen him ranked in the top ten picks, and I’ve also seen him slide to the middle of the first round(where my Detroit Lions are picking at 16).

1. Tennessee Titans: The Titans are picking first this year, and for many reasons.  Looking at their defense(as of 3/20/16) pass rusher is a definite need. The only guy worth while on this defense as a pass rusher is Brian Orakpo, but that is an issue in and of itself. Orakpo is an outside linebacker(OLB), and as I stated, I don’t think Bosa is an outside linebacker. However, as a defensive end, he could beat out incumbents Angelo Blackson(15 tackles, 2.5 sacks) and DaQuan Jones(45 tackles, 0 sacks). The issue with Bosa going to Tennessee, is that they run a 3-4 defense, where pressure is supposed to come from the outside linebackers. Therefor, as much as I like Bosa, I don’t see him going #1 overall.

2. Cleveland Browns: I don’t see Cleveland taking Bosa at #2. Period. They have a much bigger need at QB, and I feel Carson Wentz or Jared Goff is the pick, here. BUT, Cleveland tends to throw a monkey wrench into the works, so it’s worth looking into. Cleveland will have first hand looks at Bosa, being that Columbus is in Cleveland’s backyard, and you better believe Cleveland is looking at Ohio State for prospects. The biggest issue here, I feel, is the same as Tennessee: the Browns run a 3-4 defense. Bosa COULD beat out Randy Starks(29 tackles, 1 sack) or Desmond Bryant(33 tackles, 6 sacks) for a starting spot, though. I just don’t see Bosa wearing brown and orange.

3. San Diego Chargers: The Chargers have a solid corps of linebackers, but their defensive ends need upgraded. Ricardo Mathews(22 tackles, 1 sack) and Darius Philon(5 tackles, 0 sacks) could be pushed by Bosa for a starting gig.

4. Dallas Cowboys: I feel the Cowboys will FINALLY address the QB position here(either Wentz or Goff, depending if Cleveland drafts a QB), and the Cowboys defense is actually pretty good. Greg Hardy(35 tackles, 6 sacks) and Randy Gregory(11 tackles, 0 sacks) are both off-field time bombs waiting to happen, but Hardy is an animal when he’s in the game. On the left side, I feel that Demarcus Lawrence(55 tackles, 8 sacks) is an absolute monster and is THE best player on Dallas’ defensive line. If Bosa is drafted, he’s going to be the heir apparent on the right side in case Hardy/Gregory screw up off the field.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville may snap up Bosa to help the pass rush crew of defensive tackle Malik Jackson(45 tackles, 5 sacks), 2nd year player(coming off of an injury and lost rookie year) Dante Fowler, and defensive end Tyson Alualu(26 tackles, 2 sacks). The potential of that line, especially if Fowler rebounds and turns into what the Jags were hoping they’d get when he was drafted, with Bosa as a rotational guy to keep Fowler and Alualu fresh, is astronomical. I feel Jacksonville could be Bosa’s home for the next few years.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs’ best pass rusher is defensive tackle Gerald McCoy(34 tackles, 8.5 sacks), and he could use help. Bosa would help Robert Ayers(41 tackles, 9.5 sacks) and McCoy terrorize quarterbacks. I like Tampa’s offense with running back Doug Martin, quarterback Jameis Winston, wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, and tight end Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, so unless they go offensive line, I feel they address the pass rush.

7. Chicago Bears: Chicago’s defense is putrid. Just awful. They desperately need a pass rusher, and Bosa, I feel, would be a day one starter, but only if they leave him as a defensive lineman. Chicago moved Willie Young(30 tackles, 6.5 sacks) and Lamarr Houston(42 tackles, 8 sacks) to outside linebacker last year, so to my mind, there’s no fear of Bosa not being on the defensive line.

8. Detroit Lions: I don’t feel Bosa makes it past Detroit. They need an every down defensive end paired up with Ziggy Ansah, and Bosa is just that. Ansah(47 tackles, 8 sacks) is a terror on the defensive line, but he’d be the only legit pass rusher there. This is a position that needs addressed as badly as middle linebacker. If Bosa is there, I hope the Lions are smart enough to take him.


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