Preseason All-American 2014 Larry Butler III Returns

I’ve known Larry since my writing days at At the time, LBIII was transitioning from the JUCO Football to the FCS level, but he was already setting his eyes on the NFL. LBIII also appeared on several local radio shows as a guest in breaking down BCS championship game or giving his opinions on Superbowl. He’s highly engaging on twitter (@_KingButler3) during the offseason, but will turn off any distractions when it is time to train. Fast forward two years, he is one step closer to realizing his dream to play pro football. LBIII took some time from his busy preparation to conduct this interview with me.


Hi Mr. Larry Butler III,

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Thank you again for agreeing to have this interview as you’re preparing your journey to the NFL. As the draft season is ramping up, many talented players who do not get media attention are putting their best effort forward to train for pro days and other workouts in hopes of getting the attention of coaches and scouts. In the past, I got to know your journey in the college gridiron. You were met with many challenges from school administration to coaching to injuries, but through these experience, with humility and tenacity, you grew both as a player and a person. I truly believe that the decision makers of the NFL Combine and different All-Star games missed out on a talented individual such as yourself, by not extending you an invitation to show case your skills. However, we at and various other twitter writers continue to support your journey. Let us remind the draft nation who you are.

1. What was were the goals you were able to achieve during your time in college football?

The goals i was able to achieve during my college career was many. I was the top JUCO rated linebacker by ESPN U in 2013 and had 20 division 1 scholarship offers including 5 in the SEC. I was a consensus 3 star prospect by every publication [essentially a 4 star rating by high school standards]. I was named an All American in 2012 and 2014 by various football blogs and publications. I’m grateful to everyone who has taken notice of my abilities and followed my career the confidence people have in me has not been misplaced and I will prove it.

2. Tell us about your preparation for the NFL draft. How is the training different then the college prep?

My preparation for the NFL Draft has been rigorous with a strict diet and training regime. I’m currently training at Champion Fitness and Nutrition just outside of Atlanta, GA.  I feel like its a great facility and situation for me being that I am getting these trainers attention exclusively.

3. What have you learned about yourself from the trainers and staff at during this preparation time?

What I learned about myself during this process is the fact that I can achieve workout numbers, during my Pro Day, that will shock a lot of people. I also learned that I have some of the best training in the country. I am confident that I can be one of the best players in the country, and hope to prove this in front of scouts. 

4. To let readers get to know you somewhat better, tell us about your motivation for your pursuit to play professional football.

My motivation is simple: to be the best. An ambition is something that can’t be taught, and I have plenty of it. I want to be remembered forever and be one of the best to ever play my position.  I want to feed my family and take care of my mother. As I was growing up, watching her struggle as a single parent for the last 24 years has been painful for me. Now, I want to make it so I can move her out of the inner city into a stable comfortable life.


5. Where can people learn more about you and about your game?

People can learn more about my game by checking out my film on youtube ( as well as my articles on the internet. And if possible by meeting me in person, I am an extremley humble person but I am also extremely confident in my abilities. I know what God has blessed me with and I’m ready to achieve my dreams in the 2016 NFL season.

Thank you so much for your time again, and best of luck in your journey.

Just google searching, you can learn more about Larry.

Larry Butler III




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