Fantasy Football: 2QB Dynasty Trade deadline checkup

Russell Wilson

Fantasy Football 2QB Dynasty: Trade deadline checkup.

We’re right at the trading deadline in most leagues.  It’s time for a checkup in your 2QB dynasty league.  How is your team doing?  Did you easily navigate the injury and benching uncertainty this year?  Chances are you probably played three to five quarterbacks just to keep your head above water. Tony  Romo, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Anderw Luck, Tyrod Taylor, Josh McCown, Jay Cutler, Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, Marcus Mariota and Sam Bradford all spent time watching a backup play for them.  That doesn’t even include those times your starter had a bye week.  Two quarterbacks are simply not enough in a two quarterback dynasty league.

This is why in 2QB dynasty, Russell Wilson should be your number one dynasty trade target this offseason.  Wilson has guys who can catch over three fourths of what he’s throwing to them when he’s not running and Wilson has missed zero games with this being his fourth season in the NFL.  Did you know that two of the top wide receivers in the NFL for target-to-catch percentage are Doug Baldwin (76.9%) and Tyler Lockett (77.7%)?  The Seahawks are building a team to take first place and they’re not even using all their players to their full potential.  Did they overshoot with Jimmy Graham?  Maybe.  I don’t think he fit in.  The team is so geared toward optimizing how to win and spreading the opportunities that they don’t run everything through one guy like New Orleans did.  Figuring out who is going to get the most looks weeks to weeks is fool’s gold.  The winner in all this is Russell Wilson.  The luster has worn off of him a bit since last year with Wilson being outside the top 12 quarterbacks.  In 2QB dynasty I’d be happy to steal him away for an early first round pick from someone with the newest shiny toy in the 2016 NFL draft in his sights.

Let’s look at your tier-two hunt also.

In 1986 I was hitting way above my weight class.  Rachel had black hair and dark eyes and she was one of the more popular girls in the school that would even talk to a guy like me.  We were always friendly with each other.  I said “Hey, do you want to go to the dance with me this weekend?”  She chuckled a little, surely thinking, “Yeah right”, to herself and then gently declined.  I didn’t ask anyone else.  Ever.  I never went to a prom or even asked another girl to a dance.  She was the prize.  She was first place.  It never occurred to me that I should ever ask anyone else.  Why would I settle for anything less?  Of course, time goes on and you find out there are other first places in the world.  I married one and she’s currently narrating her online game to me while I’m trying to think about fantasy football.  Distracting, sure but it’s a win-win.

Not settling for second place is the reason that you should go get Garrett Grayson off of the waiver wire if you see that he’s been dropped by an impatient owner, or offer up a third rounder to get him.  If you read my earlier columns you might know that I’m beating a drum like a pendulum for Grayson since the 2015 draft.  I might have beaten that drum to death, but the Saints have Matt Flynn and recently IR’ed Luke McCown behind 36 year old Drew Brees.  These are not the prize starting QB’s by any means.  They’re second place fill-ins and they won’t be wearing the corsage at the dance when Brees checks into the nursing home.  There are rumblings of Sean Payton getting the axe at the end of this season and with him, the organization has shown they are not afraid to trade away their top players.  I doubt New Orleans will be drafting a quarterback in an early round with all their needs at defense.  Grayson is the future of the franchise.  He’s first place.  If you have the patience to wait for him, you could be getting the next Saints starting QB for the price of a late round pick.

What’s coming up this offseason? There are a few college quarterbacks that could find themselves first round picks, but none of Connor Cook, Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff strike me as NFL superstars.  This might be a good offseason to focus on wide receivers for your dynasty team or trade those first round picks for existing young starting quarterbacks.  I almost never trade away a first round pick but in my current leagues I tried to buck that trend.  I offered up my first round pick for what I felt was a bargain in nearly every league where I wasn’t expecting to end up a top-three draft position.  I only had one taker, but it was my probable mid-first plus a third rounder for Sammy Watkins.  I think I came out ok there.  Don’t be afraid to trade away a first or second rounder, but get top value for it.  You don’t want to be that person feeling like you don’t have a chance when the draft starts firing up in July and you don’t have a pick.  If this IS a season for low NFL Draft QB potential, consider trading out of 2016 and adding early picks in 2017.  In other words, just keep dancing with the girl you brought for a while.

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