First off I’d like to apologize for being out the last couple of weeks with no article; I have been busy with new projects here as I approach the home stretch on my deployment.  Secondly; are we ready for the playoffs or what? Before we get into all that though, how are we coping with injuries?  Built any depth, week 11 has definitely been a mess again as far as injuries go.  Before I get started can we just pray for strength for our LB, Jamie Collins, because we miss seeing him on Sunday’s and stat racking on our IDP squad.  


Now we get to the good part where I’ll dig into some IDP’s that could help you next couple weeks whether you’re coping with injuries or getting that extra push into the playoffs.  Depending on your league, it could be slim pickings but also a possibility a hidden gem remains and we’ll see if he’s listed here today.  

  • ROLANDO MCCLAIN (DAL, LB):  hasn’t been the tackle machine we’re used to seeing last year but he’s been serviceable since he came back.  He had a big week 11 thanks to his pick-six, other than that he’s only put up 3 tackles.  Should be a serviceable LB3 rest of the season, if you need depth as well he’s worth a spot.  
  • BEN HEENEY (OAK, LB):  has the Heeney era begun in OAK (at least for this season) as he took over for Lofton midway through the game.  He played 58% of the snaps and put up 7 tackles and 1 sack, he may have earned himself some extra snaps going forward and he’d also have to hold off Neiro Ball (injured) but coaches like him too.  If he’s going to start (he could) and need a spark, Heeney would be one of my pick-ups this week as an upside LB3 (if he starts) but if he doesn’t but gets rotational snaps then he’ll be a LB4 but proceed with caution.  
  • DENZEL PERRYMAN (SDC, LB):  The Chargers are 2-8 and are one of the worst, if not the worst defense in the NFL so it’ll only make sense to start giving the young players some run.  It’s already been seen that Butler is a waste of money, Te’o has improved slightly, and Perryman has shown flashes when given snaps (6 tackles and 1 sack).  He’s not an every down ‘backer yet but that’s what he’ll be working towards heading into 2016, if Chargers give him some extra snaps then Perryman would be close to a must-add for me even if he’s just a 2-down ‘backer for now.  Could provide an “Avery Williamson 2014” type late season run.  
  • KELVIN SHEPPARD (MIA, LB):  don’t go chasing points or one week wonders because that’s what Sheppard is.  He sure did have a solid week with 15 total tackles, but Jelani and Koa were both out with injuries, so by default it was all Sheppard.  Let someone else pick him up while you go pick up who that person dropped because sometimes they drop one that’s underperforming (see: Bradham) and I’d rather have Bradham.  
  • JASPER BRINKLEY (NYG, LB):  with NYG having a bye in week 11, it’s possible many forgot about Jasper and I hope you did too because he’s a “meh” LB at best and only in during run plays pretty much.  Let someone else pick up Brinkley while you go pick up Casillas (the better of the two, not even close).  
  • MARKUS GOLDEN (ARI, LB):  Markus may have earned him some extra snaps with his performance against the Bengals (3 tackles, 1FF, and 1sack).  He’s strictly in a rotation at best though and a big play LB, so you’d be swinging for the fences here but definitely has a knack at getting to the QB so add at your own risk.   Golden is a high upside boom/bust, and I’d feel more comfortable starting him over Von Miller if this was a choice for me.  (If guys like Aaron Lynch, Ryan Kerrigan are available though I rather have them before Golden, esp Lynch) 
  • JONATHAN FREENY (NEP, LB):  not going to waste any time but he’s only worth considering as long as Collins is out, also in deep leagues I’d give him a consideration.  Freeny has played pretty well for Collins as he posted 18 tackles, 1FR, 1FF, 1PD in 3 games.  You’d have to be really suffering from injuries though to start him, he’s no better than a LB4 option with possibly LB3 upside due to him averaging at least 6 tackles in those starts.  
  • PERRY RILEY (WAS, LB):  IF and when Keenan Robinson is out, Riley is the beneficiary here as the last 2 games he’s put up 15 tackles 1-int and 2PD.  He’s a savvy vet that could produce here and there, and as long as Keenan is out Riley is a serviceable LB3 option.
  • MARIO EDWARDS (OAK, DE):  mentioned him in prior articles, if he’s still available the time to grab him is now as he’s playing 80% of snaps and is becoming a solid tackling DE.  He has risen in my dynasty rankings but for the ROS I’d want him as my DL2 option as he’ll have a high floor due to his middle of the pack tackle numbers (5-8 per game).  
  • KONY EALY (CAR, DE):  if someone has given up on him I’d go give Ealy another shot, I’m a couple weeks to late on him though (I apologize, I had him locked in my week 9 article but didn’t have time) as Ealy has quietly racked up 4 sacks in his last 4 games although he’s not a big tackle guy (averaging 1 tackle per) he’s worth considering for the sack upside, it helps that Johnson makes his return in week 12 and if CAR sees what MIA did to that DAL OL, the same success could be had.  Not only this week but ROS Ealy will be a solid DL2 option for his sack upside.  
  • COREY LIUGET (SDC, DE):  it’s possible some if not many have given up on Liuget, but if he’s available he’s still a solid DL2 option going forward and showcased that against the Chiefs in week 11 with 5 tackles and 1 sack.  Liuget is still at top 25 value at DL and will be a solid DL2 start for you rest of the way, someone on the defense has to do his part and that’s Liuget.  
  • MICHAEL JOHNSON (CIN, DE):  there’s a chance Johnson makes a little run here then again he could also disappear as he’s known for that as well.  The risk is yours, but if you need a decent floor DL3 option for a couple of weeks give Johnson a look.  He draws the Rams in week 12 so that’s a start, hopefully he picks up momentum after his week 11 performance (6 tackles, 1 FF, 1-sack).  

NOTABLES:  Williams Hayes (STL, DE) as long as Quinn remains out Hayes remains a decent DL2 option, ability to rack up tackles and get 1-1.5 sack at any given time.  

If you’re living the stream life here are some solid DB options for week 12:

  1. AARON COLVIN (JAC, CB):  should’ve already been owned and should be 100% owned in CB leagues, mentioned him weeks ago and he’s produced 10+ points in 5 of the 6 weeks and leads the CB’s in sacks with 4 on the season.  Colvin has a solid matchup against the Chargers in week 12, could definitely see him mirroring his week 11 stat-line of 7 tackles and 1 sack.  
  2. LOGAN RYAN (NEP, CB):  Ryan has been tremendous as of late and definitely worth rostering, easily a CB1 option and DB2 going forward and has a prime matchup against the Broncos in week 12.  In his last 4 games he’s put together 25 tackles, 2-int and 5 PD.
  3. BENE BENWIKERE (CAR, CB):  Bene is my stream of the week, Tillman isn’t expected to play again and Bene will draw the start.  Against the Redskins he’s put together 5 tackles, 1 FR, 1 FF and 1 sack.  He’ll have a busy day against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and could have himself a feast as he can mirror his week 11 numbers with a possible uptick in tackles at 7 or 8.  
  4. ADRIAN AMOS (CHI, S):  Is he finally putting it together? Amos had 7 tackles and 1 sack against the Broncos in week 11 and should continue to thrive as he’s been the lone bright spot in that Bears secondary.  He gets the Packers in week 12 on Thanksgiving , could easily float around 7-9 tackles and be a solid DB2 option for you.  
  5. MARCUS WILLIAMS (NYJ, CB):  in his last 4 games he’s put together 12 tackles, 1FR, 1FF, 2-INT and 1.5 sacks (DB24 in that span) so as you see he’s not a high tackle guy but he’ll make up for it with turnovers/sacks.  We all saw that hit he put on against Yates right? Right? If not go google it, but there’s a chance he does it again to Tannehill in week 12 and will be a solid CB2/DB2 stream option.  


That’s it for now folks, if you got any questions in regards to your leagues waiver wire just hit me up on Twitter @IDPwithBEE_8o8 and we’ll go find some late season gems for you.  



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