NFL Week 8: All Hail the Denver Broncos, Kwon Alexander and Roman Harper STUDS One and ALL

NFL Week 8 has come and gone in the NFL.  Fortunately for us it was littered with studs that came in all forms: old heads, new heads and just one big collective head!  Hello once again to the studs of NFL week 8.

Kwon Alexander, Linebacker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I could recite his stats for the game against the Atlanta Falcons, they were impressive.  Alexander ended week 8 with 11 tackles, one interception, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

He played.  He played well.  The Buccaneers awarded him the game ball.  But it wasn’t all because of his play on the field.  Alexander’s younger brother Broderick Taylor II was shot to death during a fight less than 48-hours before game time.

Alexander played.  He played for his brother.  He played for his team.  He was brave in circumstances most of us cannot imagine.  Stud doesn’t even begin to describe Alexander.

Roman Harper, Safety, Carolina Panthers

Don’t be fooled by the splashes of gray that sprinkle his head.  That is wisdom my friends, and tenacity, and just damn good football knowledge showing itself.   In the NFL week 8 Monday night prime time game, Harper showed up and showed out.  He finished the game with 12 tackles and one fumble recovery.  But that wasn’t the best of it.  In overtime with the Indianapolis Colts driving down the field, Harper deflected a pass in which Luke Kuechly was the beneficiary.  The Panthers won.  Kuechly may be Captain American but Harper is Luke Cage, he is no ordinary human.

Denver Broncos Defense

Let’s see you hold Aaron Rodgers to 77 yards for one game.  Aaron “Relax” Rodgers, Aaron “Double Check” Rodgers,  had 77 passing yards in one game!  Damn son!

Just drop the mic!


I am torn.  Two teams scored 101 points so the defensive effort was, shall we say lacking?  But being a fantasy football enthusiast  who possessed only offensive players on both the New York Giants and New Orleans Saints, I feel I owe them something for the monumental amount of points they handed my fantasy teams.

So thanks for sucking defenses of the Giants and the Saints.  I owe you.

New York Jets

Poor tackling.  That’s it. Watch the film.  It’s horrendous.  A horror story.  Perfect for Halloween weekend.  Not so perfect if you had say Leonard Williams or Sheldon Richardson.  Is that bitterness you are hearing?  Probably.


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