Yes, You Can Stream Quarterbacks in 2QB Leagues – Week 6 Options

Quarterbacks have seen a lot of fluctuation in fantasy football so far in the 2015 season. But it’s honestly the perfect situation to stream quarterbacks in 2QB leagues as the good quarterbacks have been bad and the “bad” ones have been great.

But what have we learned so far this season? First, Peyton Manning is a shell of his former self so far this season and Drew Brees, a perennially top-five quarterback in fantasy football, has eclipsed 20 points (in standard leagues) just once this season.

Aaron Rodgers is high in the rankings so far this season, so you look smart if you did take him early in your drafts. But even the elite (which is hard to narrow down five weeks into the season) have bad games. Rodgers has put up 15 and 14 points, respectively, in standard formats the last two weeks.

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Rough outings by Rodgers has allowed Andy Dalton and Tom Brady to become fantasy darlings again. Brady isn’t much of a surprise and those that drafted him late before his suspension was overturned are reaping the results. Dalton is a little more of a surprise as he has always given us streamable weeks during his career — but now it looks as though he could be the fantasy king among quarterbacks this year.

So where does that leave us in the middle of the bye weeks and near uncertainty each week at the quarterback position? Given we’re down to 28 options each week right now, the pool is even shallower in 2QB leagues. This far into the season, few options may exist on the waiver wire. With that in mind, it’s time to change the format of this a little bit in Week 6, and probably beyond.

You will still find my top two options in streaming quarterbacks — guys that you can confidently start if you drafted them or can find on the waiver wire. Or even trade for some of these guys if you find disgruntled owners.

After my streaming picks, I’ll give comments on the rest of the starters for the week in case your waiver wire is a bare cupboard, which can be the case in savvy 2QB leagues. This should help you make more informed decisions with your lineup each week.

If you want to know more of why I like one guy over another, feel free to reach out to me on twitter!

Streamers Of the Week: Teddy Bridgewater & Blake Bortles

Yes, I am hanging my hat on Teddy Bridgewater this week as my top streamer. Yes, he hasn’t even averaged 200 passing yards a game. Yes, he’s only thrown two touchdowns and turned the ball over three times in four games. But this week he gets the Chiefs, who have given up the second most points per game (21.2 in standard leagues) to quarterbacks.

The Chiefs have given up the fifth-most passing yards in the league and the most passing touchdowns. Peyton Manning put up 256 yards and three touchdowns against the Chiefs; Aaron Rodgers put up 333 yards and five touchdowns. Even Jay Cutler put up 252 yards and a touchdown against them last week.

So even though Bridgewater has struggled all season, this could be his breakout game and give us all the hope again that he can be a top-10 fantasy football quarterback we all thought he could be before this season.

Next up is Blake Bortles. And before you think I’m nuts, realize he’s thrown 10 touchdowns on the season, one of seven quarterbacks to do so. He’s also passed for 1,399 yards, 63 more than Aaron Rodgers.

Can he sustain this all season? We’ll have to wait and see. But this is a weekly game and Bortles draws the Texans this week. Houston has given up the eighth most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. Houston is also one of 10 teams to give up at least nine passing touchdowns on the season.

Alex Smith hung 243 yards and three touchdowns on the Texans in Week 1. Mr. Matt Hasselbeck put up 213 yards and two touchdowns against them last week. Even if Bortles throws for 240 or so yards but still manages a couple passing touchdowns, he could approach QB1 status. At worst, Bortles is a mid-to high QB2 this week, so feel confident in putting him in your lineup.

No-doubt Starters:

Aaron Rodgers – even his down performances are still good

Tom Brady – he’s a man on a mission this year

Matt Ryan – he gets the Saints; however, if Julio Jones doesn’t play, he drops out of this list for me

Carson Palmer – everyone loves the soft Steelers secondary

Andy Dalton – favorite streaming quarterback to quarterback stud

You Hope They Land in the QB1 Range:

Marcus Mariota – the Dolphins couldn’t handle young quarterbacks Blake Bortles (Week 2) and Tyrod Taylor (Week 3), so the rookie sensation could put up some big numbers this week

Peyton Manning – don’t cut bait … yet. He does face the Browns this week, but Kubiak’s system could still limit him.

Andrew Luck – he’s back! But interceptions have the potential to ruin his fantasy production, so I’m not putting automatically in QB1 territory just yet

Eli ManningOdell Beckham Jr. puts him higher than he probably should be

Drew Brees – like Peyton, I’m not dropping him … yet. However, I’m sure he wishes he still had Jimmy Graham.

#ToughMatchup Category:

Russell Wilson – could hit QB1 status, but likely a high-end QB2 against a tough Carolina team. You’re starting him regardless unless you have two guys from the above categories.

Tyrod Taylor – the Bengals defense gives up the yards to quarterback, but not touchdowns – and it’s not a certainty that he will play; if he doesn’t and E.J. Manuel does, I’m not touching Manuel with a 10-foot pole

Cam Newton – 230 yards and a passing touchdown (what Seattle has given up on average) may not even get Newton into the high-end QB2 status this week. Like Wilson, you’re still starting him, but I’m hoping Kirk Cousins isn’t your other starter this week.

Philip Rivers – the return of Antonio Gates could continue to open up the offense for Rivers. However, it is the Packers and as C.D. Carter recently tweeted, the Packers allow the fourth fewest points per play through five weeks.

Stream Confidently:

Teddy Bridgewater – my top streaming option of the week

Colin Kaepernick – be confident with him, but this week only. CK will end up near the bottom of this list for four of his next five matchups after facing Baltimore. The Ravens are just about as bad against quarterbacks in fantasy football as the Chiefs are, so I’m all in for this week.

Blake Bortles – my other streaming option of the week

Matthew Stafford – if he can’t put up points against Chicago, he doesn’t even deserve to start for the Lions anymore and certainly shouldn’t be rostered on your team.

Joe Flacco – the Niners defense allows a lot of passing yards each game and touchdowns in bunches. Flacco could be a solid QB2 if he can take advantage of an inconsistent defense.

Jay Cutler – he’s facing the Lions and he’s put up back to back weeks of 17 fantasy points in standard leagues. You could definitely do worse this week.

Stream Cautiously

Sam Bradford – he gets a middle of the road matchup, but do we trust this offense yet?

Ryan Tannehill – the Titans are a little better than you think, giving up less than 200 yards and 2 passing touchdowns on average in their four games so far.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – the Redskins aren’t as bad defensively as they were last year, but they are still the Redskins and Fitzpatrick has better weapons than some listed above him.

Brian Hoyer – now that Arian Foster is back, he should help Hoyer this week in a potential shootout against Jacksonville, unless we get another quarterback switch mid-game.

Alex Smith – slightly inconsistent, yet still had good weeks against tough opponents. However, the Vikings defense has only allowed an average of 13 fantasy points per game to quarterbacks, good for sixth so far this season

Please Don’t Go Down this Road

Michael Vick – has he met his teammate Antonio Brown yet?

Josh McCown – yeah, he put up 35 points in one week in standard leagues. But that was against Baltimore and it makes up half of his fantasy points so far this season. He didn’t do anything against the Jets and he has a worse matchup against the Broncos.

Kirk Cousins – he’s facing the Jets, has no playmakers and only has more fantasy points in standard leagues than Peyton because he had a rushing touchdown in Week 4.


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