DraftKings Week 4: Top Shelf and Bargain Bin Plays

I was like Julio!!! DraftKings Week 4 features some gems at every position including Julio Jones. Aaron Rodgers stands out heads and tails above the rest if I’m paying up at quarterback. That said, you can find many lower priced options that have nice match ups allowing you to fit in the monsters at wide receiver. An Arian Foster return peaks my interest as well as a backup who may be getting a full workload at a really nice price. Lets hit the top shelf to find players worth paying up for. Then we can hit the bargain bin to find players to make lineups work and help you cash this week on DraftKings.com.

Top Shelf Picks

Aaron Rodgers– Green Bay Packers $7900
at San Francisco 49ers

I’m not sure anyone is playing better than Aaron Rodgers. He put on an aerial display Monday night, despite what Pro Football Focus might say. He will face a San Francisco 49ers defense that has been suspect at best. You will have to pay up if you want to get Rodgers in any lineup but it will be worth it. He is the target at quarterback for cash games.

Cam Newton– Carolina Panthers $7000
at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cam Newton has looked really strong this season despite not having a ton of talent around him. He is the Carolina Panthers offense. On DraftKings, he has averaged 30.65 points in his last two games rebounding well after a poor start. The Buccaneers have been poor on defense both at home and on the road. Expect a really nice game from Cam.

Arian Foster – Houston Texans $7000
at Atlanta Falcons

It seems like all but a given that Arian Foster plays this week. He said he would not return until he was healthy. He is an elite running back facing a defense that was destroyed a week ago by Joseph Randle. He should be a monster this week in an offense need a shot in the arm. Expect Foster to be used in both the run and pass game.

Latavius Murray – Oakland Raiders $6300
vs Chicago Bears

Latavius Murray has impressed with the work he has gotten this season. A week ago he carried the ball 26 times against the Cleveland Browns, tallying 139 yards and a touchdown. This week he is on the road again and facing another poor rush defense. A defense that is worse after trading Jared Allen and Jon Bostic. They also lost Will Sutton a week ago to a hand injury. I expect another 100 yard plus game and a touchdown or two this week.

Jamaal Charles – New Orleans Saints $7,600
vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jamaal Charles is huge part of what the Chiefs do whether they are up 3 touchdowns or down 3 touchdowns. He faces a defense that is in the bottom third against the rush. Charles will always carry a big price tag but averaging 25.4 points a game, he is worth the price consistently.

Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons $9,300
vs Houston Texans

Not playing Julio Jones in a home game or any game for that matter seems like a bad idea. He is averaging 37 fantasy point a game and absolutely destroying the NFL. This is the Julio Jones dominate the NFL season. Jump on and enjoy the ride.

Odell Beckham Jr – New York Giants $9,100
at Buffalo Bills

It’s clear that Odell Beckham Jr. is the real deal. He is averaging 20.3 points even with the underwhelming Week 1. This week the Giants are heading to Buffalo to face a Bills defense that has a strong front seven but has some question marks in the secondary. I expect the Giants to need to throw the ball if they want to have a shot in this game. He has been averaging over 9 targets a game and has an ability to turn a short gain into a huge play.

A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals $7,600
vs Kansas City Chiefs

A week ago A.J. Green reminded us how dynamic of a play maker he can be. This week he is home to face a Chiefs team that is improving in the secondary with the return of Eric Berry and addition of rookie Marcus Peters. However, on a short week for the Chiefs, Green should feast on a 32nd ranked pass defense. Not sure another 200 yard and two touchdown performance is reasonable, but 75 plus yards and a score with upside feels about right. Green is worth every dollar you spend on him.

Martellus Bennett – Chicago $4,500
vs Oakland Raiders

Stop me if you have heard this before but play Martellus Bennett this week. He is at home facing a Oakland Raiders defense that seemingly doesn’t know they can put a defender on a tight end. A week ago, minimum priced Gary Barnidge went for 6 catches for 105 yards and a score. Bennett should feast this week. With Jimmy Clausen still under center, he should utilize the tight end this week even if Alshon Jeffery returns. With Rob Gronkowski on a bye this week, playing Bennett makes a ton of sense.

Arizona Cardinals Defense $3,400
vs St. Louis Rams

An attacking defense at home against Nick Foles. Sign me up! We saw the potential this defense has at home a week ago against a quarterback who has been known to be turnover prone. I expect the Rams to have to throw quite a bit. If i’m paying up for a defense, it’s for the Arizona Cardinals.


Bargain Bin Finds

Andy Dalton Marvin Jones

Let Andy Dalton and Marvin Jones carry you to winners circle! (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills $5,800
vs New York Giants

A sub $6,000 price tag for a guy averaging 23.1 points per game and is playing at home? Sign me up! Tyrod Taylor has been impressive this season. He makes legit NFL throws, can utilize his legs when he needs to and has weapons to produce. Expect another strong performance from Taylor in this game.

Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – $5,600
at Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Dalton has been really impressive this season. It’s interesting to see what he can do when he is surrounded by A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert and Gio Bernard. This week he faces a Chiefs team that is once again on the road. While I like what their defense can do, this game will present a problem. Dalton should have a really nice day on Sunday.

Karlos Williams – Buffalo Bills $3,400
vs New York Giants

Its looking like LeSean McCoy will miss Sunday’s game at home against the Giants. If so, Williams becomes a must play, especially in cash games. If you want to be different in GPP, I don’t hate fading him. That said his price tag is too nice to avoid. Even if McCoy “plays,” Williams is still interesting. A week ago he put up over 100 yards and found the end zone.

Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts $4,700
vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Frank Gore had a sluggish first two weeks, as did much of the Colts offense. They also face the Jets and Bills in those weeks. They are arguably two of the best front sevens in the NFL. A week ago Gore reminded us of the juice he posses. Running for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns on just 14 carries. This week should be much of the same for him, facing a Jaguars team at home. Jacksonville is 29th against the rush thus far this season.

Marvin Jones – Cincinnati Bengals $3,800
vs Kansas City Chiefs

Marvin Jones is becoming a bigger piece of this offense each week. Week 3 saw Jones explode with 5 catches for 94 yards and a touchdown. That was in the same game with A.J. Green wrecking shop, so don’t assume Dalton can’t feed multiple targets. At $3,800 he makes a ton of sense in most lineups.

Michael Crabtree – Oakland Raiders $4,600
at Chicago Bears

I wouldn’t have believed Michael Crabtree would make my list before the season but sure enough, here he sits. He has been good this season and while teammate Amari Cooper has been better, he is not far behind. With a $1,700 savings, using Crabtree this week feels like the smart way to go. He gets enough catches to be usable even if he doesn’t score a touchdown. But when he does explode, like in week 2, he more than worth the price of admission.

Charles Clay – Buffalo Bills $3,500
vs New York Giants

Charles Clay has continued to impress in this offense. He has improved his production each week. This week he is at home to face a New York Giants team that is 30th ranked against the opposing tight end. I expect the Bills offense to produce in a big way this Sunday. Clay should get a handful of catches for 75 plus yards and a good chance at a score.

Baltimore Ravens Defense $2,700
vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a much more risky play but with a nice savings and huge upside there is value to be had. It will be Michael Vick under center for the Steelers and not Ben Roethlisberger. Thursday night games tend to be lower scoring and the Ravens should avoid being blown out in this game. If you are fading the Steelers offense, the Ravens defense is the way to go.

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