2QB Dynasty – The Third Wheel

Ben Roethlisberger

2QB Dynasty – The Third Wheel

It was a gray afternoon in September.  The leaves were starting to yellow around the edges, and people began to look up at the swollen clouds as the world awaited word of the diagnosis.  People read their phone displays, refreshed their laptop screens and gazed at their televisions as the rain started outside.  He was down and he wasn’t coming back.  Ben Roethlisberger, the quarterback, the leader of the team and center of so many two quarterback dynasty fantasy aspirations, was down.  Phones were turned off.  Laptops closed and television channels were changed.  As the burgeoning storms released outside it was clear to many that yes, it was over.

Let’s face it.  Two quarterbacks really aren’t enough for your twelve-team 2QB dynasty league.  This has been made abundantly clear lately with the recent game absences of quarterbacks you were expecting to start such as Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler and Drew Brees.  If you have Wilson, Rivers and Cutler on your team with other potential future starters such as Glennon, Grayson and Osweiler, you still only have two starting quarterbacks (and you’re one of the lucky ones).  Anyone relying on Geno Smith or E.J. Manuel to be a startable quarterback this year is looking for other options.

When you’re required to start two quarterbacks each week you NEED someone to fill that second spot when your primary starters go down, are injured or are demoted.  Even though the position is typically one of the more reliable ones, things happen.  Ask any Brees owner.

So who do you choose?  You can’t very well rely on “handcuffing” a quarterback with his backup because that doesn’t keep you competitive in the bye weeks, and most backup quarterbacks… Well, they suck.  You also can’t load up on only the future players because those aren’t going to cover anything if your starter goes down.  You need that third quarterback and it needs to be someone you can rely on.

The good news is that this third wheel doesn’t have to be an Andrew Luck or an Aaron Rodgers.  You just want someone who will give you a chance at a good week if he winds up being a starter.  Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Colin Kaepernick or Marcus Mariota should do fine.  Someone who is going to play every week and has no serious threats to his starting job.  Pick this third quarterback up in the eighth or ninth round of a startup draft and enjoy the cushion.  There’s almost no reason not to have a third quarterback for the long haul of a dynasty startup anyway.

If you’re already into the season with only two quarterbacks, see if you can trade for one of the long-term fill-ins such as Brandon Weeden or Ryan Fitzpatrick.  If not, try to trade for extra first round draft picks next year.  There is a current expectation of two to three college quarterbacks being first-round draft picks in 2016, so you want to stock up on chances to get one.  First round picks like Winston, Mariota, Bortles and Bridgewater tend to start sooner rather than later.

You’re going to want that umbrella.

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