Keeping up with the Joneses: SFB360 Week Two Recap

SFB360 Week Two Recap.

I have a confession to make.

When it comes to fantasy football  everything, I can be somewhat bullheaded. I have a ton of opinions  and  can rarely be convinced to change them. Sometimes that works out very well;it’s good to have conviction,right? Other times.. not so much;I end up holding on to things and ideas WAY too long.

What’s this have to do with The SFB360? Or fantasy football? Or anything really?

While researching this article I was looking for information on Matt Jones. Specifically, I wanted to know what his ownership rate was before last week (it was around 15% for all leagues). I already knew that he would be 100% owned in the SFB360, but I was also interested in where he was being drafted back in July (he was drafted 188.6 overall, on average, in the 30 sfb360 leagues). That’s when I realized where I drafted him: 123!?

What the hell was I thinking?In theory, I could have had him a full 4 rounds later. In fact,out of the 30 times Jones was drafted in the SFB360 I drafted him higher than anyone else by a FULL ROUND. I’m telling you this not to show you how much I like Jones(which apparently is ALOT) but to illustrate a couple of points:

1)Know your opponents-I knew that I was drafting against a lot of sharp people. The best in the industry. I also know that the standard nowadays is to take wide receivers early and often. Because of this, I should have known that I could get Jones a lot later than where I did. I’m not suggesting that you draft by adp only, you need to take the guys you like, but be reasonable about it.I plan on doing a study on how this pick,and others, turned out for me when all is said and done.Im guessing that there was at least one quality wide receiver I could have taken there and still got Jones a couple of rounds later.I did notice that I took Moncreif with my next pick,but what if I would have waited on Jones?Was there a difference maker available?I plan to find out.Which brings me to my second point:

2)You can learn a lot from going back and analyzing your drafts after the fact. It’s not going to help you any this year, but in the future it is indispensable knowledge.Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is incredibly useful knowledge. Trust me, with the way the industry is growing the competition is getting tougher and tougher every day.If you aren’t constantly moving forward and learning,you are being left behind.


If you are still reading this, my guess is that you are interested in knowing how my week 2 went.After all,thats what this whole afticle is supposed to be about.

I’m happy to say that it went quite well for the most part.With big games out of Peterson, Moncrief and Decker I was able to move to 2-0 while putting up a respectable 205 points. I did suffer a couple of injuries with Decker and Green.. the later being the biggest concern. I may have to sit Decker down for a week, but I think I can survive that with the emergence of Jones. Green, on the other hand, worries me. Two concussions in less than 2 weeks is very worrisome and add to that the fact that he missed the last 3 games of 2014 with the same injury. I’ll hold on to Green for the time being. I really like his upside and was counting on his week 7 matchup with the tight end friendly Raiders defense when Bennett goes on bye. I ended up having to use a waiver wire pickup on Jacob Tamme to cover my week 7,just in case. Tamme doesn’t have a ton of upside but I love his matchup that week against a Titan’s defense that just gave up 110 and 2 touchdowns to Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and was bottom 10 vs tight ends last year. Tamme wasn’t my 1st choice but Zach Law outbid me on emerging Crockett Gilmore so Tamme was the next best thing. Other than that,I was quiet on the waiver wire this week. There are some interesting wide receiver prospects out there but I’m going to hold on to(for probably way too long) some of the young reserve running backs I have at the end of my roster.I like their upside if they were to earn more touches.


Looking ahead to week 3 I have a tough contest with Chad Larned. Chad and I are separated by just 2 points in the standings so this is going to be an important week for both of us.Adding to the excitement is the fact that he has Peyton Manning going on Sunday night vs my Lions and Ameer Abdullah. Those will be the last of our players as neither of us have a stake in the Monday night game so I will need a sizable lead going into that game. Chad has a couple of guys I really like in Antonio Brown and Shady McCoy so I’ll need big points out of Peterson and AJ Green. I do expect the Lions to get Ameer going in this home opener, they need a spark and they know it. The home fans will be eager to see this exciting rookie and hopefully the coaches will oblige.

Well that’s it for my week 2 roundup/week 3 preview.Many thanks for reading and feedback or comments are appreciated.Check back next week to see if I was able to survive another week in the shark infested waters of the Scott Fish Bowl.






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