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Avery Maharaja IPA

Maharaja Bottle

Avery Maharaja IPA was released in January by Avery Brewing and is available in 22 ounce bombers. This is part of their Dictator Series which includes The Maharaja (Imperial IPA), The Kaiser (Imperial Oktoberfest), and The Czar (Imperial Stout).  Avery is located in Boulder Colorado and they brew a wide range of beers. I have tasted about six or seven of their brews and they have been very enjoyable.

Style: Imperial IPA ABV: 10.2% IBUs: 102

Appearance- I tasted this beer right after the bartender tapped the keg and it was served in a Snifter as a 13 ounce pour. This beer has a deep a red amber coloring, and it is slightly more cloudy then other IPAs. The head on this pour was about a quarter of an inch and most of the foam had dissipated after the first few sips.

Maharaja Imperial IPA

Maharaja Imperial IPA

Aroma– The first scent that hit was the hops and it is very strong, leading me to believe this was going to be a heavier IPA. There is a bit of a citrus scent of mostly grapefruit, and hint of pine as well.

Palate– The Maharaja punches your palate hard and heavy. There is a fair amount of carbonation in this beer and it helps to bring up the intensity a notch. The beer loiters in your mouth a bit, I think this is due to the high carbonation.

Taste– The first drink is an explosion of hops, with the pine taste coming in at the end. As I get further into the glass the hops are still the controlling flavor, but I am able to catch the grapefruit at the end. Because of all the hops packed into this beer, there is a bitterness to it and it lingers in the aftertaste.

I think this a great IPA and would drink it with a meal or as a standalone. This beer is very similar to the popular Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA. Both are heavy, rich, hoppy ales with huge bold flavor. Maharaja isn’t quite as heavy as the 90 minute. So if you enjoy rich, heavy, hops in your face IPAs you’ll like this beer.

For more information go to or @AveryBrewingCo

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