Stone Enjoy By 04.20.14 IPA

Stone Label

This beer is the latest release from Stone Brewing Company. Stone is known for their wide range of IPAs and they have released many other Enjoy By beers in the last few years. According to the dedicated website for this beer, the 04.20.14 is available in 40 states.  This, as with other beers in this line, is meant to be consumed within 35 days of bottling.

Style: Double IPA ABV: 9.4% Bottled On: 03.15.14

Appearance- I first tried this beer straight from the tap as a 13oz pour in a Snifter. The beer has a nice burnt orange-red coloring to it and is very clear, typical of most IPAs. The head on this pour is minimal as to be expected, but the foam that is there lingers on the side of the glass.

Stone Enjoy By

Stone Enjoy By 04.20.14

Aroma– This Enjoy By has a very vibrant aroma. I am picking up a strong citrus scent, a mix of orange and grapefruit. Once the citrus hits, there is a smooth hoppy scent along with a bit of pine that comes in at the tail end.

Palate– This beer is smooth and clean on your palate. It washes down quickly with just a hint of lingering carbonation. I would say this IPA is on the lighter, dryer end of IPAs.

Taste– The first sips hit your taste buds with a strong dominate hoppy flavor. As the hops flavor starts to dissipate there is a hint of pine. After the first few sips the pine flavor comes on stronger and helps to balance the beer. Throughout the rest of the glass there are faint floral and citrus flavors wanting to break out, but the hops and pine are always there to take charge. This beer is never bitter, as some IPAs tend to be.

Overall this beer is great and I think it may be a little better than Stone’s last Enjoy By (02.14.14). Unlike some IPAs that can be very rich and heavy, this IPA is much lighter and smoother. I could drink two or three of these, whereas most IPAs should be consumed one at time. If you want to try this awesome IPA I would highly recommend you go out and get it now, as it won’t last.

For more information visit the Enjoy By site or @StoneBrewingCo


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