Beer Review: Hangar 24 Double IPA

Hangar24 Double IPA

Hangar 24 is located in Redlands, CA and was founded by Ben Cook. Cook previously worked for Anheuser-Busch in quality assurance. The Hangar 24 Double IPA is one of 8 year round offerings from them as well as other various seasonal and specialty brews. 

Style: Double IPA  ABV: 9%  IBU: 118

Appearance- I was able to find this ale in a 22oz bomber. I have yet to see it on tap around the valley. It has a nice smooth honey coloring and is very cloudy. I noticed there was a fair amount of sediment in the bottle. There was zero head on this pour.

Hangar 24 Double IPA

Hangar 24 Double IPA

Aroma- This Double IPA has a complex aroma starting with a nice hoppy scent. I am also detecting bold citrus with bits of pine and honey. 

Palate- For a double IPA this beer isn’t heavy and actually washes down smoothly. There is very little carbonation which I think adds to the smoothness. 

Taste- There are many words running through my head to describe this beer but the one that stands out is, perfect! This IPA is complex and delicious. Of course with any Double IPA you get a strong dose of hops quickly, but they are balanced with a great citrus flavor. Adding to the complexity is a subtle flavor of pine, and just a hint of honey.  

I absolutely loved this Double IPA. It’s so much more than just a bunch of hops and high ABV. I have tried many different IPAs this year and the Hangar 24 is second only to Stone’s Enjoy By 4.20.14. This beer may even top the Enjoy By, because it is available all year long! But don’t wait to try it, I know you’ll love it. 

For more information visit Hangar 24 or @Hangar24Brewery


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