Dynasty Mind 2019 EP 4  Unbias Is a Myth

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Dynasty Mind 2019 EP 4  Unbias Is a Myth.
In this episode, I touched on the idea of fantasy and real football analysts claiming to be unbiased, but Unbias is a Myth. Being unbiased in film watching or analytics is a myth, and I’ll discuss why in this show.
Next, I touched on a little bit about devy Dynasty leagues, and my involvement in them. I presented my argument of why you should consider joining one. Additionally, this also introduces this month as Devy Focused February.

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Finally, I shared about the 3 stash candidates I encourage owners to pay attention to: Judge Ito, Justin Watson, and Mr. Washington. I present to you how I think about value fluctuations and how you can begin formulating thoughts of comparing last year’s hyped guys vs this year’s rookies.

In the middle of the show, there was some Breaking News related to Cleveland Browns and running backs. I’d give my initial take on the situation.

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