NFL Notebook Week 5

Welcome to NFL Notebook with Dan Soden. I’m pretty sure I’m Dan Soden, but the fact the New York Giants still have a shot to win the NFC East has me questioning just about everything. This column was designed to give me a platform to rant, rave, rinse & recycle all the takes I’ve previously made while discussing the weeks top headlines.

All Hail The King of the AFC

From the light of the 4 divisions I now proclaim Patrick of the house Mahomes, second of his name king of the AFC and all that it reaches.

The Mad King Thomas Brady has started to show signs of being, well 41 years old, and we all know that father time is undefeated. So instead of putting off the unavoidable I motion that we name young Patrick Mahomes II the new king of the AFC.

Mahomes has already vanquished Alex Smith from Kansas City and banished him to the depths of hell in Washington to play for the Deadskins. While Smith was a favorite among the fan base, Mahomes has torched any questions they might have had about Reid’s decision to move on from the veteran QB. The young knight is 112-of-176 for 1,513 yards with 14 touchdowns and a mere two interceptions. Both of which came this past Sunday against the best pass defense in the league.

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Even the Knight King Bill Belichick praised the young quarterback saying “He’s got a great arm, a fabulous arm, can throw the ball out of the stadium.” The love didn’t stop there, he also said “He gets the ball to all of his receivers quick, quick release, sees things quickly, can extend plays … makes good decisions, accurate, gets the ball out on time.”

Hopefully the young King of the AFC will be able to defeat the Knight King come Sunday, but for now I think it’s time we acknowledge the Mahomes led Chiefs sit confidently a top the AFC.

The Day The Clap Ended

We haven’t reached the end of the Clapper Era just yet in Dallas, but the day is coming. This past Sunday night Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett punted himself into the dog house.

During the first possession of overtime, the Cowboys were able to get the ball to the Texans’ 42-yard line with 1 yard left to convert on 4th down. This was a do or die moment for Jason Garrett, if he lost this game chances are his name would start getting mention with the term We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

If only the Cowboys had the rushing leader on their team, to help them get that yard, but alas they do so why wouldn’t they take the risk and go for it. The answer is simple, Jason Garrett. Who claimed the 1 yard was a long one….(insert Michael Scott yelling “That’s What She Said!”)

The Texans took over at their own 10 yard line and eight plays later scored the game winning field goal via a Ka’imi Fairbairn 36-yarder. Cowboys are now 2-3, with the New York Disasters breathing down their neck.

It would probably help if the Cowboys could top 20 points in a game more often, but for some reason Dak Prescott is having a tough time decoding the plays Garrett is calling. He might want to brush up on his clap language if he wants to keep his coach around.

Historic Night in the Bayou

History was made on Monday night down in New Orleans. In the second quarter Drew Brees became the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards following a 62-yard touchdown to Tre’Quan Smith. Brees skipped over Brett Favre as he made his way to knocking off former leader, Peyton Manning.

Brees ended the night going 26-of-29 for 363 yards, three touchdowns and zero picks. This dominate performance almost landed him his 500th career touchdown, but for now he remains 1 shy of that feat. Something he’ll have to wait to achieve as the Saints have off next week, before traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

“Making The Most of It” The James Conner Story.

For the second time this season James Conner had himself a Le’Veon Who? game. Conner racked up 72 yards in the opening drive against a on the ropes Atlanta defense and never looked back to see them fall for the 10 count.

Atlanta’s defense has decided to role play as the Chargers this season and Conner cashed in for a 185-yards, two-touchdown day helping the Steelers bulldoze over the Falcons. In the meantime he did his best and made the most of his fleeting time as the number one option at running back.

In only his second 100+ rushing game this season, Conner tried to earn a chance to remain a fixture in Pittsburgh’s offense. He has one more week to prove to the coaching staff that he is a vital part of the offensive game plan, lucky for him it’s against Cincinnati.

While the Bengals aren’t a mess like the Falcons they are allowing the 7th most RB receptions & the 10th more rushing yards per game. So young Conner has a chance to show off before Bell comes back to jack his spotlight.

Quick Slants

Rams & Chiefs fans, make sure that Drake stays away at all cost.
Why did anyone think the 49ers could compete this season? Even with Vincent Chase Jr. these guys had no shot at making a playoff run.

Doug Baldwin blocked on 29 of his 53 snaps & drew just one target…so everything is going great up in Seattle.

Drew Brees is a football gawd, but Aaron Rodger is still the best quarterback in the NFL. If for the simply fact he makes a Mike McCarty offense look competent.

Giants might want to look in OBJ being their new QB

Peyton Manning’s newest SNL sketch isn’t nearly as funny as his last


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