Why Le’Veon Bell IMPROVED Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s fantasy value

Clyde Edwards-Helaire catching a pass

Le’Veon Bell has signed with the Chiefs and everyone with Clyde Edwards-Helaire on their redraft or dynasty teams are having a “hair on fire” moment. The easy take is more RBs=less fantasy points, but what if I told you that wouldn’t be the case? CEH will actually become more efficient now and stay status quo in terms of how he scores fantasy points while his fantasy value will improve.

1. Le’Veon Bell was brought in to do what CEH isn’t good at: the goal line

If you have watched the Chiefs, you have seen CEH’s inefficiency at the goal line. It is a problem that needs corrected for the Chiefs, and Bell corrects that instantly. CEH had 1 TD all season, and it wasn’t from inside the red zone. I expect CEH to continue to get the snaps outside the red zone where he has proven to be a weapon with Bell merely replacing Darrel Williams in terms of those snaps. CEH wasn’t scoring touchdowns with his goal line carries anyway, and I’d expect his touchdowns from outside the goal line to go up when it has been a terrible rate so far which keeps CEH’s fantasy value high.

2. Le’Veon Bell will take time to learn the offense as CEH improves

Bell won’t be able to practice with the team until mid next week, and it will take time for him to be fully integrated into the offense. Even if CEH hasn’t exactly been the most efficient rusher, he has been improving in terms of vision, pass protection and more after a poor Week 2 performance. If CEH improves, does his role diminish that much? Or is Bell just another weapon in the arsenal for Kansas City to utilize as needed? I think we could see both help the Chiefs offense and CEH’s efficiency going up.

3. There is a chance Le’Veon Bell isn’t that good

Every player leaving Adam Gase’s Jets drastically improves, but there is still a more than 0% chance Le’Veon Bell isn’t very good anymore. Maybe he is out of shape, isn’t willing to work as hard, or just lost a step. It was a low risk signing from the Chiefs ultimately, and if Bell is mediocre, then NOTHING changes in terms of CEH’s usage. I’d expect CEH’s rushing and receiving efficiency to go up, even if goal line carries and some pass catching opportunities go down, equaling out his fantasy points. 

4. CEH hasn’t been very good himself, but still has the team’s trust

I haven’t gotten an indicator that the Chiefs don’t trust CEH, but I’ve gotten the indicator they REALLY don’t trust the guys behind him after Damien Williams opted out. CEH hasn’t played well, but the Chiefs have continued to use him and give him opportunities. They could just let Mahomes, Kelce, and Tyreek do all the work, but they haven’t. Will Bell gain that full trust? Maybe, but CEH will be better than he has been, even if he has less snaps. That means fantasy points.

We will see if it plays out, but in PPR, CEH has averaged 14.86 points per game. I’d say continuing his low end receiving totals of 3 catches for 30 yards a game will stay. Rushing wise, I think we see an improvement to about 75 yards a game. Instead of seeing a touchdown once every 5 games, that is where I think he becomes more efficient and scores one touchdown every two games or so, and many of these will come from outside the goal line. If that happens (and it isn’t too far fetched,) CEH would average about 16.5 PPR fantasy points per game, a slight increase to his current totals.

Do you think a typical game of 15 carries  for 75 yards, 3 catches for 30 yards and a touchdown isn’t possible now for CEH? Because that seems like exactly what can happen from game to game for him with Le’Veon Bell there. If it does, CEH’s fantasy value will continue to be great.  

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