Targets Per Minute Week 4

By John Bush

Targets Per Minute Week 4

Targets Per Minute Week 4 report looks at the use of weekly target numbers by position, player, and by the team. This metric is useful in fantasy football especially in PPR scoring formats where receptions count.  The tables/graphs below provide target data for the running back, wide receiver, and tight end positions.

Green/Blue colorization of the weekly targets and targets per minute numbers highlights players at the top of the position group, i.e., many targets per minute, while red colorization of the weekly target numbers denotes players toward the bottom of the position group, i.e., fewer targets per minute of play.

Compare and contrast the data and envision this week’s game scripts by using all your resources including this one.

See my snaps report click link



Targets Weeks 1 to 4 with Total Targets and Team Points/Game

Many players only look at raw target player metrics and that is it. These data expand that vision via team level. Players are a product of the Team and should have that as a component of your analysis. 

Below lists the Team, Week 1 to 4 Raw Targets, Total Targets and the Team Points per Game (success level). Compare these metrics to find ascending or declining teams. This table is sorted by total targets high to low. 

High vs Lows Total Targets

PIT, PHI, NYG, MIN, LAR, GB, IND, DET, OAK, CLE, and LAC are all in the top of the league in total targets per game. I interpret this to mean the 3rd/4th WRs etc can have value. Washington in PIT, Golladay in DET, Treadwell in MIN, etc. If you have deep benches or in high numbered leagues (14 or more teams), here are the data to assist your add/drops etc. DFS players also may use this data.

Successful Teams in this group are LAR, LAC, CLE, and PIT.  They were generating nice points per game. 

BUF, DAL, MIA, SEA, and SF are at the bottom and should give you concerns and caution. Maybe some drop candidates here to shift to the high targeting teams in PPR!

SEA is the only low target team with nice points per game. 


Team vs Their Targets per Game_High to Low

This graph below compares the Team vs their Targets per Game High to Low. Landscape view to “see” the bigger picture.  The lowest teams (BUF, DAL, SEA, MIA, and SF) fall off the cliff while PHI and PIT stand tall! 

Drop the bottom team players and add from the tops teams on average. 


Scaled Targets Per Minute vs Points Per Game

The scaled TPM is a comparison across the entire league! It shows the top point generated and where these teams stand in the speed of targeting. 

  • LAR and LAC High TPM
  • Note the Mid group of TPM have a nice slate of scoring teams. CIN, NO, ATL, BAL, CHI, and TB,
  • Slower TPM with high scoring are DEN and SEA. 

Interesting that the Mid group (Balanced? is doing the best?) I will research for my textbook in the offseason! 


The TPM weekly differences suggest improvements? This graph below plots the DIFF in the team’s last two weeks played in TPM~! 

  • TEN, OAK, KC, IND, PIT, NYG, HOU, and NE improved?
  • CAR, NO, WAS, TB, MIN, CIN, BAL, and DAL declined? 

Watch for trends. Improving teams will have players on the waivers for pickup! Drop players from declining teams. Obviously, wait for several weeks for a full view! 


Targets Per Game Team Positional Analysis

I list the generic team data for RB/TE/WRs including the first four weeks. I also highlight the team ratio of WR/RB (W/R) and WR/TE (W/T). 

These ratios give insight to team target distributions. WR biased teams are ones to have WRs vs the other positions. DFS players use to break ties. 

The lower ratios points to RB and TEs used more heavily.  DFS players list all teams and make a simple grid for this data! 




CLE Strong WRs


DEN, DET and GB strong WRs


HOU and KC strong WRs


LAR and MIN Strong WRs


NYJ Strong WRs


PIT Strong WRs


TB strong WRs

Landscape View of Target Team Ratios Weeks 1 to 4


 Note the extremes in WR usage to the Left (DEN HOU KC TB etc) vs Lightly Used WRs (WAS CAR DAL LAC and NO).

The bottom team would be using the RBs more, however! 

Weak TE usages from HOU LAR and DET

Positional Level Usages and Avg Targets Per Min

I now focus by position to see the extreme team usages in the passing game as measured by targets per minute. TOP vs Bottom by Week 1 to 4 averages in TPM! 

Find the surprises for add drops! DFS plays as well! 

Running Backs

Hines, Richard, Edmonds, Sproles are surprises


Tight Ends

Seal-Jones and Swaim are the 2 TE surprises. 




Wide Receiver

Coutee was a big surprise! Worth a stash! 


CLE, MIN, and BAL up WRs

DET, TEN and ATL down in TPM!

Players by Team Average Targets Per Minute

I next wanted to give a team landscape view of players in their natural habitat. I used colorized annotations to highlight the highs and lows on each team. 

These team metrics give the view into:

  • Positional Usages
  • Positional Pecking order
  • Strengths/Weakness of a Team
  • Use in case of injury for next man up. 
  • Consult each week metrics to see Team shifts that pundits miss
  • Compare players to positional averages for reference. I suggest one position at a time to analyze. 
  • Use the % of Player Use across the 4 weeks to see the pecking order for targets. 

IE Hooper dominate the TEs in ATL at 79% but needs to score! 














Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide47

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide48

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide49

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide50

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide51



Targets Per Minute Week 4Slide54

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide55

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide56

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide57

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide58

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide59

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide60


Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide62

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide63

Targets Per Minute Week 4 Slide64

PLAYERS that I found interesting from my Week 1 to 4 Metrics.

DFS, Lineups, Trades and Waiver Wire consideration. Good Luck Week 5. 

I listed the top players so far in weeks 1 to 4. Find the bargain! 




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