2017 NFL Preseason Week 2 – DraftKings and Fanduel Thursday Line-Up Advice

Dolphins Jay Cutler

Okay so calling it “advice” might be a bit of an optimistic look at the word play that will follow this introduction.  You know how I felt about week one DraftKing and FanDuel’s games.  Yes, it is kinda of like that in preseason week 2 with the added drama of wondering what the hell happened to Suicide Squad mentality.  I mean seriously, the trailer gets you pumped and then…nothing.  Where was the Joker, more Captain Boomerang but alas nothing.  And nothing describes my week one DraftKings adventure.

But I am rambling.  Speaking of rambling DraftKings is also offering a free play for one BILLION dollars for the perfect NFL lineup so get on that.  And lets get to this.

Thursday there will be three games to choose from:
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars

Both DraftKings and Fanduel have contests that highlight only the Thursday games.  And both are keeping their salaries consistent, in that all quarterbacks cost the same, all running backs cost the same, etc., you get the picture.

That being said we know that conventional wisdom says, starters do not play appreciable time until the third preseason  game.  This is only the second.  So we are looking for rookies that are looking to make the team, and veterans looking to make the team.

Here is what we know so far:

  • Running back Leonard Fournette is OUT for Jacksonville.
  • Wide receiver Jordan Matthews is OUT for Buffalo.
  • Quarterback Jay Cutler is IN for Miami.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars

We know in the first preseason game Jameis Winston threw to Mike Evans seven times in their first possession.  We also given all the hype about O.J. Howard the other tight end Cameron Brate saw the majority of touches.

Here is the breakdown for the Bucs:

The starting offense played 21 snaps, that is two drives out of the entire game.  On two drives Jameis Winston went 9-for-13 for 99 yards.  He threw:

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went 6-for-13.  His first drive ended in a touchdown.  And he rushed for a touchdown.

Quarterback Ryan Griffin went 4-for-9 for 57 yards.  He also left the game with an injury to his throwing shoulder, that could possibly end his preseason run.

Rookie quarterback Sefo Liufau played the final three minutes and went 4-for-5 for 31 yards.

Running Backs

  • Doug Martin had four carries for 11 yards.
  • Jacquizz Rodgers had four carries for 11 yards.
  • Charles Sims had two carries for 13 yards and one for eight yards.
  • Peyton Barber had eight carries for 21 yards.
  • Snap counts for the rest of running backs:
  • Blake Sims nine; Quayon Hicks and Russell Hansbrough both were in for three snaps; however Hansbrough left with a concussion.

Wide Receivers

  • Freddie Martino in for 41 snaps with six targets and one catch.
  • Bernard Reedy in for 21 snaps with three targets and three receptions.
  • Chris Goodwin in for 25 snaps with one target.
  • Josh Huff in for 21 snaps with one receptions.
  • BoBo Wilson in for 13 snaps with zero receptions.
  • Derel Walker in for 10 snaps.
  • Shaq Hill in for two snaps.

Tight Ends

  • Alan Cross had two catches for 30 yards.
  • Cameron Brate had two catches for 27 yards.
  • Austin Johnson had 2 catches for 15 yards.
  • Antony Auclair was in for 19 snaps with zero targets.
  • Tevin Westbrook was in for 15 snaps with one catch.

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

The Ravens have lost nine players since June 1st.  And with the play of back-up quarterback Ryan Mallett last week, well Colin Kaepernick has to be looking pretty good right about now.  Mallett went nine of 18 for 58 yards against Washington.  And he looked really bad.

And I did mention Cutler is back and head coach Adam Gase has stated that Cutler will play in the game this week.  The question is how much will he play and how are he and the receivers getting along?  It has really only been a week and Cutler is a gunslinger, are the Dolphins receivers ready for the hard fast one?

James P. McCoy - Buffalo News

James P. McCoy – Buffalo News


Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles

Speaking of sucking, the Bills were so bad, they revamped their roster after the first week of preseason games.  But don’t worry it’s not a dumpster fire its strategic.  they traded away “full of potential oft injured Sammy Watkins” for a more stable replacement in Matthews, how is that working out?

Buffalo Bills snap count in week one versus Minnesota Vikings.


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

So who do you play this Thursday?

Personally, I am staying away from the Baltimore v Miami game.  Cutler notwithstanding are they just trying to get his football legs back?  And really how many more players can the Ravens afford to lose?

For cash games I am digging quarterback Liufau from Tampa Bay (although I must admit I have not watched Hard Knocks which could provide some valuable insight?)

With Griffin out of the quarterback race for awhile, Fitzpatrick could be the play for double ups and 50/50s.

For running backs look at the depth chart Wednesday night for Jacksonville. With Fournette out somebody has to show up and show out.  DraftKings list the depth chart as following for Jacksonville’s running backs:

  1. Fournette
  2. Chris Ivory
  3. TJ Yeldon
  4. Corey Grant
  5. Tim Cook
  6. Jonathan Grimes
  7. I Mathews
  8. J Gaffney

Jonathan Grimes is my favorite play here.

I am a little hesitant to suggest any Bills against Philly’s defense, but Peterman had 38 snaps.  In the same game consider that while he looked like poo, Matt McGloin for Philadelphia was on the field for 71 % of the snaps.  Volume alone suggests he may be in play.  Tight end for the Eagles Billy Brown was in for 63% of the snaps, he looks like a safe bet.

Remember on the Thursday line-ups people are still playing to make the team and look good on tape.  The starters should see minimal playing time until next week.

Good Luck.

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