Fantasy Football: Give Cowboys’ Justin Durant a Star! Week 4 studs and duds

Justin Durant

Justin Durant was unstoppable in Week 4 as the Cowboys routed the Saints – photo from

Cowboys’ linebacker Justin Durant earned that star on his helmet in week four but how surprised were you by the Dallas Cowboys victory and the Pittsburgh Steelers collapse?  Whilst Durant and the Cowboys were balling out, the not so mighty Steelers’ crumbled under the finesse of back-up quarterback Mike Glennon.  What?

Listen up, here are week four studs and duds:


Justin Durant, Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys: Everyone knows the New Orleans Saints aren’t very good when they play on the road.  However, no one gave the Dallas Cowboys a chance to survive the encounter.  Why? Well you know, because the Cowboys defense is not very good, porous, bad even.  Defections, injuries and just poor play hung like a dark cloud whenever conversations regarding the Cowboys’ defense came up.  Wait, what is that, a silver lining?  Sunshine peaking through? No silly, that is linebacker Durant running through all that silly talk.  Playing against one of the most potent offenses, Durant scoffed.  He brushed all that nonsense off his shoulders and collected eight tackles, one interception and one forced fumble.  Give that man a star.

Justin Houston, Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs: Houston is no surprise.  He’s good.  Maybe not stud material every week, but good.  However, Monday night lights must bring out his inner stud.  And it was ah, impressive.  I imagine Tom Brady is still seeing images of Houston chasing him around.  Houston for his part finished the game with seven tackles, two sacks, and one forced fumble.  But alas, the stats are just the beginning.  Houston dominated the New England Patriots’ offensive line.  Houston harassed Brady all night.  Houston showed up under the Monday night lights.

Dawan Landry, Safety, New York Jets: The Jets’ defense is good.  So good that one can be a stud even on a losing effort, and that is exactly what Landry was Sunday.  The Jets’ had the unenviable task of playing the Detroit Lions with the powerhouse that is Calvin Johnson.  Yes, Johnson was hobbled and less than 50 percent.  Don’t lay that on Landry.  He still played as if his offense would give him some support.  Landry finished the game with 11 tackles and 0.5 sacks.  And you know what else?  He managed to exit the game without hurling profanities at anyone in the stands.  Ah civility.  Ah a stud.

JJ Watt, Defensive End, Houston Texans:  Should he just have a permanent place on the stud call?  Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Watts had five tackles, eight hits, six hurries and one interception.  The interception he turned into a touchdown.  The touchdown he turned into a semi-oh-my-god-big-white-man-trying-to-dance montage.  And even with that he ends on the stud list.  Is there anything this man can’t do? Feel it…feel it.


Clay Matthews, Linebacker, Green Bay Packers: Matthews played the game against the Chicago Bears with a groin injury.  He was in on 52 of the 78 defensive plays.  I empathize.  But hey, if you are out there get on the ball.  Matthews ended the game with one assisted tackle and one interception.  I don’t think that’s good.

Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Detroit Lions: Speaking not good, Suh had no reported injuries and yet he finished the game against the Jets with one tackle.  There were reports he didn’t even bother to change or shower after the game.  Perhaps it was a metaphor for his play on the field.  I mean if you are going to stink it up on the field might as well carry it over to the ride home.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Secondary: Speaking of stinking it up!  Spoiler alert, I am a huge Steeler fan so this may be bitterness? No! You do not give up a game winning drive against the back-up quarterback, to an injured wide receiver with 40 seconds left in the game! Breathe! Blown coverage? Tired and suffering from penalty fatigue?  Does it matter?  Seven seconds remaining an injured Vincent Jackson catches a Mike Glennon pass in the end zone virtually alone.  Dud!




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