Fantasy Football: Rams’ Robert Quinn disappoints again – Week 3 duds and studs

Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn has frustrated fantasy owners who drafted him early this season. Donald Penn (Left) took him in the third round and is exercising his revenge –

St Louis Rams’ premium defensive end Robert Quinn has had another down week and he is causing some serious lineup headaches for owners he drafted him at a premium. Fantasy football IDP players’ are suffering, and Quinn leads the duds list.  And since it is the first day of fall going into the first bye week of the NFL, lets start with the duds.  Okay, so maybe that doesn’t make any sense.  But does Quinn, a first round IDP pick having two tackles and no sacks make any sense either?  That’s my life.


»  Robert Quinn, Defensive End, St. Louis Rams:  Maybe I have railed against him too much already? No, not possible.  Especially when you consider this week he had the ideal match-up.  Going up against the hapless Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo.  It was a stat extravaganza waiting to happen.  And then it happened.  Quinn finished the game with two tackles.  Are you waiting for more?  There isn’t anymore.

Maybe he misses Chris Long, I do.  Maybe he is waiting for a payday, wait he got that.  Now it is time to make good on that paycheck.  Or at least make good for my fantasy team!  Two tackles and no sacks, that brings his three game totals to seven tackles.  Damn!  That’s bad.

»  Stevie Brown, Safety, New York Giants:  Okay so he is returning from an ACL tear.  I empathize.  But his insistence that he was back and 100 percent healthy?  Should we not have listened?  The Giants’ finally won a game.  The defeated the 2-0 Houston Texans.  Brown’s contributions?  He collected one tackle and one assisted tackle.  He also got burned by Damaris Johnson  for a 44-yard touchdown.  Mercifully, he was benched and replaced by fifth-round rookie Nat Berhe.  Good for the Giants,  not so good for anyone else.

»  Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Carolina Panthers: Sunday night prime time game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who wouldn’t start the Panthers’ defense and their plethora of IDP stars.  Oh, Star you were not Sunday night.  Ending your night with one tackle and two assisted tackles makes you my ‘lil falling star.  Just like the falling IDP stats that you spear-headed.

Dis-Honorable Mention: Tampa Bay Defense 56 points allowed.  Missed tackles, Julio Jones making circus catches, and allowing Devin Hester to run all over you.  Really nothing more to say.


»  Jared Allen, Defensive End, Chicago Bears: Sometimes a stud is better than his stats.  This is where Allen enters the conversation.  Yes, he finished with a semi-respectable three tackles and four assisted tackles.  But if you watched the game or if you were New York Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith, you had to be impressed.  Allen spent the majority of the game in the Jets’ backfield.  He alternatively chased, harassed and pursued Smith all over the field.  If you are a Bears’ fan it was beauty in motion.  It wasn’t impressive on my fantasy stats, still couldn’t help being impressed.

»  Brian Cushing, Linebacker, Houston Texans: Cushing is on a snap count.  Last week it amounted to 60 percent of the snaps.  Weak three it was around 80 percent of the snaps.  And he is producing.  Cushing finished a losing effort with eight tackles and nine assists.  Cushing is a stud on a defense loaded with studs.  Clowney who?

»  Jelani Jenkins, Linebacker, Miami Dolphins: Do you dare question his stud status for week three?  Listen up!  One forced fumble, 1.5 sacks, four assisted tackles, and 10 tackles.  I simply have one word, STUD.

Honorable Mention: Kam Chancellor, Safety, Seattle Seahawks: From whom much is given, much is expected.  How about six tackles, three assists, one interception and one forced fumble.  For a normal human being it would be a great stud-like performance.  For Chancellor it’s good.  That’s what happens when you expect greatness.

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