Fantasy Football: Week 2, Chandler Jones is a Stud…Meet the Duds


Week 2 of the NFL is over.  The New England Patriots’ Chandler Jones dominating performance against the Minnesota Vikings made him an easy choice for stud status.  Here are the others that stack up with him and those that fell in comparison.

STUDS Chandler Jones, DE, New England Patriots: Jones is a freak.  A freak of the best kind if you are a Patriots fan.  It isn’t because e of his eight tackles against the Vikings.  It isn’t because he racked up two sacks against quarterback Matt Cassel.  No it was something far more spectacular.  With nine seconds left in the half, Jones blocked a Blair Walsh field goal attempt.  And there is more.  After the block he gathered the bouncing ball and ran 58 yards for a touchdown.  It was impressive.  It was more impressive because we are talking about a 6’8″, 265 pound man running toward the end zone after a spectacular block.  It was beautiful.

C.J.Mosley, LB, Baltimore Ravens: It is sometimes hard to remember Mosley is only a rookie.  For the second straight week, Mosley has been on the field for every defensive snap.  And Thursday against he Pittsburgh Steelers it was the Ravens’ defense that appeared to be superior.  Rookie linebacker Mosley did his part, against a veteran quarterback Mosley collected nine tackles, a fumble recover and a pass defense.  He was good.  One might even say stud like.

J.J. Watt, Defensive End, Houston Texans: It is only the second week and already getting a little tired of singing Watt’s praise.  I mean he is only human right?  So let’s bypass his defensive feats.  This man is on the stud radar this week for one reason only.  It goes a little like this, one reception for one yard that culminated in a touchdown.  Yep, you heard me right.  Watt was on the receiving end of a one yard touchdown pass.  What is more impressive than a stud?  Lets just call it a Watt!


Dee Milliner and the New York Jets Secondary:  Sometimes it seems unfair to place blame for a loss.  But lets look at the statistics the Jets allowed against the Green Bay Packers.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers  threw for 346 yards for three touchdowns and zero interceptions.  Wide receiver Jordy Nelson was on the receiving end of nine receptions for 209 yards and one touchdown.  Nelson averaged 23.2 yards.  That includes an 80 yard reception that burned Milliner.  And that phrase was too often repeated in the second half of the game.

Chandler  Jones' performance was the opposite of the NO secondary.

While Chandler Jones was wreaking havoc, the Saints seconday were chasing shadows. – David Grunfeld,

Patrick Robinson and the New Orleans Saints Secondary: Forget the incendiary conversation between head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  It was a colossal collapse by the entire secondary.  There were the penalties:  12-yard interference call; off side penalty; and of course the neutral zone infraction.  And then of course there was the “play”.  With 13 seconds left a missed assignment saw wide receiver Andrew Hawkins wide open.  I mean head scratching, double take, tongue kiss your best friend’s guy open.  And 28-yards later it was the disintegration of hope and the appearance of disbelief for Who dat nation.

Ndamukong Suh, Defensive tackle, Detroit Lions:  He was called out by the quarterback.  Now here is the dilemma, you kind of want to congratulate him on not making a bone head play in retaliation.  And then you remember, oh yeah, he really didn’t make any plays.  Although Newton was sacked four times, none of them were credited to Suh.  In fact, his only credit was three tackles. We expect more.  Even a bone-headed play is a play.




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