Beer Review: Marble Brewery Red Ale

Marble Red Label

Marble Brewery is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and opened in 2008. They currently offer 9 different beers including the Marble Brewery Red Ale. I have tried a couple of their other brews including the IPA and Amber Ale, and really enjoyed both of them.

Style: Red Ale   ABV– 6.5% 

Appearance- I was able to finally get this one on tap and I am glad I waited to review it. This Red Ale has a very deep blood red coloring that  definitely lives up to it’s name. There was about a half inch of head on this pour. 

Marble Red Ale

Marble Red Ale

Aroma- This ale has a very pleasant almost fruity citrus scent. Along with the citrus there are nice touches of caramel and toffee. This beer smells tasty and makes you want to drink it even more.

Palate- This ale is medium bodied and lingers on your tongue. There is fair amount of carbonation.

Taste- This is hands down the tastiest Red Ale I have consumed. It has a perfect blend of citrus and hops. I prefer beers with more hops and this one delivers. There is also a flavorful toasted caramel sweetness lingering in there. 

I recommend this Marble Red Ale to anyone that enjoys beer. I also tried it out of the bottle, and must say it was still great. With it’s large amount of hops and perfect fruit flavor it really won me over. 

For more information visit Marble Brewery or @MarbleBrewery


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