Beer Review: Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

Twilight Lable

Deschutes Brewery opened in 1988 and is located in Bend, Oregon. Their beers are currently distributed to 26 states around the nation. They offer a wide range of beers and are known for their Black Butte Porter, a personal favorite of mine.

Style: Golden  ABV: 5%  IBUs: 35

Appearance- I picked up this beer in a six pack since I couldn’t find it on tap. The Twilight is a beautiful golden color and it is just a bit cloudy. The head on this pour was 1/4 inch thick with light yellow coloring.

Twilight Summer Ale

Twilight Summer Ale

Aroma- This beer has a very light malty aroma. Mixing with the malt is a bit of lemon citrus.

Palate- The Summer Ale is light and airy on the tongue. The carbonation is on the light side and allows the ale wash down smoothly.

Taste- There is nothing over the top that jumps out at you on the first few sips. The beer is very balanced and has a sweet bitter taste. As the glass warmed up a little, a sweet lemon zest was more present.

I have been on an IPA kick lately so this beer was a pleasant change up on a hot summer night. This Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale is a great beer that is on the lighter side of the craft beer scale. I could easily drink 4 or 5 of these while watching a game. It is only available May to September so enjoy it now for a pre-season game.

For more information visit Deschutes Brewery or @DeschutesBeer


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