Fantasy Football: IDP Rebuild of an Orphaned Dynasty Team

badteam blowup

Every year – without fail – we see in our fantasy football forums countless leagues, scrambling to find replacement owners for dynasty teams.  We know all too well without  looking at the rosters that these teams are the bottom feeders with little  talent and a  collection of older players ready to move on to greener pastures.  The league is stuck because they have to find a guy willing to jump on the proverbial hand grenade to keep the integrity of the league intact. If you find yourself thinking that the league is too good to pass up or you’re just looking for an established league with a good track record you’re not alone.  The difference is that very few  fantasy players are unwilling to take on the “Rebuild” team especially if they are paying a league fee and basically donating to the other teams for the next four to five years will they rebuild. If you’re looking and this route is one you want to take, then let me show you a new alternative way to rebuild that lemon team with a defense first mentality.

You’ve combed the forums and have found a league with a system you’re looking for and an orphaned team. Before you agree to take the team, try negotiating with the league.  Don’t be afraid to ask for some supplemental draft picks or having the bad debt pardoned. If this is a salary league, bad debt (also known as Salary Adjustment) is always an issue just ask the Raiders for the last five years. Get the debt pardoned, if you can! It will give you more to spend in auction one and give you a competitive edge. You might be able to take advantage of a closed free agent market before the other teams can get access to it. If the league is serious about getting a dedicated owner then they will consider just about any offer if you’re serious about taking the team. Don’t forget you’re the one taking all the risk and are still expected to pay so minimize the complete disadvantage you’re about to undertake.

After you agree to terms and take this lemon on its time to address the roster. It’s been my experience in IDP leagues that the majority of the owners still favor the offensive players.  If the scoring system has the IDP players in the mix then you can make moves that will get you out of the hole a lot faster. For example in one league I traded Dez Bryant WR Dallas to an owner that had a few good linebackers.  In return I was able to get Kiko Alonso ILB Buf, Vince Williams ILB Pit and his first round rookie draft pick.  With that point system, Alonso scored as many points as Bryant , and grabbed Williams another possible starter in Pittsburgh at inside linebacker.  The key is going to be that rookie pick.  It’s a later round 1 pick, and when these same offensive owners attack  offensive players with their picks. I would rather wait until draft day and trade  back into the second and  third rounds to start drafting the top linebackers and defensive ends that I know will be day one starters.

If you’re new to IDP you need to pump the brakes and get the basics down. These are my top 4 helpful hints for IDP:

  1. I can’t stress this point enough.  You must know your scoring system at the very beginning. Find out the top defensive positions in points and make your plans.
  2. Don’t get blinded by the names on the jerseys. Remember it’s all about fantasy points.
  3. Try and stay away from team/player loyalty, it will kill you if you’re a fan of the Argonauts.
  4. If your league is a salary/auction system, don’t over spend on defensive tackles and cornerbacks, there a lot out there and the point spread between the top 25 at each position is not worth blowing your bank roll on just one player.

I hope I have given you some pointers on taking that bad team and trying something that just might help you turn it around a little quicker than usual. IDP is still on the back burner for most players and it can be a great way for you to get established and on the road to the playoffs. Good Luck.

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