The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Report: Week 10

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“You see, in this world there’s two types of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

Oddly enough, this immortal quote from Clint Eastwood, a.k.a “Blondie”, in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” also applies to fantasy football. You see, in our fake little world there’s two types of people: those that play IDP and those who don’t. If you find yourself getting all warm and tingly inside when a linebacker brings down a ball carrier or when a lineman comes off the edge and takes off the opposing quarterback’s head, then you know full well of the joys that accompany playing the superior version of fake football. If that doesn’t happen to you…well, you can keep digging…

Each week, the “GBU Report” will rundown what transpired in the previous week of IDP; highlighting some of the good, bad, and you guessed it, maybe even some ugly performances from the “other” side of the ball. And then, in addition to reminiscing on what was, I will also give you a brief preview of what to possibly expect in the upcoming week.

The Good

Vincent Rey LB/Cin: 15 total tackles (10 solo), 3 sacks, 1 Int, 3 passes defended

Yes, you’re reading that stat line correctly. Short of finding pay dirt, I’d say it’s safe to say Rey did a little bit of everything against Baltimore on Sunday. Currently filling in for an injured Ray Maualuga, Rey was all over the field and racked up an impressive 3.9 PFF rating. He may be looking at more playing time in the weeks ahead if he’s going to play like this–or anywhere close to it–but for now he makes a good plug n’ play at least in week 11 and we’ll see what the team decides to do after the  week 12 bye.

Andrew Sendejo DB/Min: 16 total tackles (8 solo)

One really nice thing about IDP is that even when a defense has a bad night as a whole (cough cough, I’m lookin’ at you Minnestoa), certain individuals can often end up having a good outing. Such was the case of Andrew Sendejo last Thursday night against Washington. The Vikings as a team were gashed on defense with RG3 and Co. able to do seemingly whatever they wanted, but Sendejo was involved on many of those down-field plays where Garcon or Reed were wide open, and that means points, my friends. Additionally, he accounted for 8 stops per PFF which is a good sign for his value going forward, as it appears the Vikes’ will continue to play him in the box on many occasion.

Luke Kuechly LB/Car: 11 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 pass defended

Kuechly was my #1 overall IDP player heading into the season, as I’m sure he was for many IDP pundits on the inter webs. And while he by no means has had a bad year, he hasn’t quite performed like you would’ve expected the top linebacker to perform. Week 10 against San Francisco was exactly what I was looking for from the stud linebacker. The 11 solo’s were his highest total since week 2 where he posted 14 (7 solo) against Buffalo, and then, for good measure, he decides to go ahead and bring Kaepernick to the ground for an exclamation mark. Let’s hope he’s just as dominant the rest of the way.

Chris Long DL/Stl: 4 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery, 1 TD

Before Tavon Austin went off against Indianapolis, Chris Long was responsible for the lone score of the game: a recovered fumble returned for a score that line mate, Robert Quinn had forced. Long isn’t having the season Quinn is and that’s to be expected as Quinn is one of the premier pass rushers in the league, but Long is still putting together quite the season himself and in many leagues is likely a low-end DL1. The Rams have a bye next week, but they still have the Bears, Bucs, and Cardinals left on their schedule. Good news for both Long and Quinn.

The Bad

Terrell Suggs LB/Bal: 4 total tackles (2 solo)

This was the first week in which Suggs did not record a sack. And, as an edge rushing linebacker, if he’s not getting to the quarterback then he’s probably not going to be very productive. He gets the Bears next week who have been the 2nd worst team in pass blocking per PFF, and have surrendered 10 sacks through 10 weeks.

Cameron Wake DL/Mia: 2 solo tackles

A week removed from making “The Good” part of this column, Wake slinks back into the fantasy pits of despair. It would’ve been nice to see him take advantage of a good Monday night matchup against Tampa Bay, but then again not much has been going right lately for Miami, has it?

Perry Riley LB/Wash: 3 total tackles (1 solo)

After week 1 it was all aboard the Perry Riley train for your’s truly. A dominant performance against Philadelphia that Monday night, combined with the notion that Washington’s defense was going to be on the field a lot, left me feeling all giddy inside and I proclaimed that he was headed for LB1 status. That hasn’t happened. Most of the tackles against Minnesota last Thursday night were made by members of the secondary; the Redskins linebacking core totaled a mere 10.

The Ugly

Mario Williams DL/Buf: Nothing

Williams’ game against Pittsburgh reminded me of how CJ Spiller’s season has pretty much gone thus far. Sorry, I’m bitter.



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