Pigskin Preguntas week 4


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Welcome to week four’s installment of Pigskin Preguntas. I have truly enjoyed the interaction on twitter with all of you. Hopefully the answers I have shared have contributed to fantasy glory… Now let’s hit those questions.


Jeff Beran @jefeberan: “Who inherits Nate Burleson’s targets for the Lions? Is the Bronco’s RB situation going to be this frustrating all season?”


Thanks for taking the time to shoot a question my way Jeff. In response to your first question, I think the answer is simple. As long as Ryan Broyles is fully healthy and can stay that way for the rest of the year I think Burleson’s role will be ceeded to him.

I believe he is the second most talented receiver in Detroit. We should see this week against Chicago just how healthy Broyles indeed is. The talent and opportunity are there. All that matters is whether or not his knee’s hold up. If he fails to stay healthy, I would surmise that the targets would be doled out to Pettigrew, Scheffler, and to an extent Fuller, as well as increased targets for Bush and Bell.

Regarding the Bronco’s RB conundrum, I think we are looking at a full blown three headed monster here. Last week I wrote that I thought the job was Moreno’s to lose, and while I thought he may get the majority of passing downs due to his superior blocking, it has become apparent in a mere three weeks that John Fox truly hates fantasy owners!

He rotates his RB’s at whim, whether in the redzone, or goal line, “in a train or on a plane”, leaving us as owners at his mercy. All we can do is hope that we pick the right RB on any given week. It’s not a place I would want to be. If you can get value for any of them now, I would pull the trigger.


EDWARD @Edward_732: “Do I start Dan Bailey vs Chargers or Matt Prater vs Eagles?”


Edward… I don’t usually answer kicker questions, but when I do, I prefer that kicker to be playing in Denver. Ha, see what I did there. I used a beer reference. I just may be the most clever man in the world (okay I should really have stopped with the first one) I digress… Point is, the air is clear at Mile High and the Broncos score a ton of points. Prater is currently the #1 ranked kicker, and Bailey is not far behind tied for #2. You’ve got a good problem on your hands. If it was me, I’d roll with the guy who has kicked 16 extra points already this short year. At least you know his floor is probably 5 points. No goose eggs here.


Dave @Davefangs: “Good idea to buy low on Ridley for my Joique Bell (sell high?) Been using Joique as my RB2 since Sjax injury PPR Dynasty.”


We don’t usually answer dynasty questions here at Fakepigskin. There are a slew of guys over at Dynastyleaguefootball.com who would be more than happy to assist you. Try @karlsafchick is usually spot on! But since you asked so politely, I will ablidge just this once.

Dave my friend, I think this is a matter of the heart. On one side you have a highly drafted RB from a huge university, one year of fantasy greatness behind him, who plays for a NFL playoff juggernaut in the New England Patriots. On the other you have a small school, no name RB in Bell who worked his way to a prominent role on a pass first team that throws more balls than a [insert your own dirty noun] to RB’s.

Would it make your decision any easier if I told you that one of these RB’s was ranked 55th overall and the other was 6th in PPR leagues? Would you be surprised at who is who? I know I am. I was aware Bell was having a good start to the season, but hot damn.. top 6.

There’s just no way he can sustain that pace right? I mean he’d have to play for a team that is always throwing and have a major role in the offense… oh wait he does?

He’s supplanted lead foot Leshoure as the goal line back and has done just fine when Bush is healthy or dinged up (which will happen all year long). For me, and you can call me crazy or nuts or wack or whatever new adjective is floating around these days. I would take the back with the opportunity and the drive to succeed. Right now that’s Bell. But do what you love and what your gut tells you.


Darnell A Bright @DBSPORTSMANIC: “Who would you start? TY Hilton in an away game, or Roddy White at home?” 

Darnell, first off I want to thank you for being such an ardent supporter of what we do here at FP. You are so vocal in your support of our site and we truly appreciate you!

Now to the question. If Roddy was fully healthy, I don’t think you have this question at all. You roll with White. But he is still dealing with his high ankle sprain and as we all know those can be tough injuries to shake.

Hilton has been an enigma to me so far this season. He is the ultimate boom or bust and it is all the coaches fault. TY is a fantastic player. He has a great quarterback throwing him the ball, and he really performs well when he is targeted. This season the problem has been that the Colts brass has prefered to target DHB. I think that has to change as Hilton is obviously the better overall talent. I would play Hilton this week against the Jags. I think White is too risky at this point.

Ultimately it comes down to what kind of risk you are comfortable with. White offers the higher floor at this point. Hilton has the higher ceiling this week.


WildByNature @AZWBN: “Who for my RB4: Darren Sproles or Bilal Powell? Already have JC, DMC and Gio. (non ppr)”

Wild, if that is your real name ( and I hope that is) I think this is actually a bit closer than it may seem. Sproles has name value, while Powell is a bit of an unknown, who has produced well and seems to be the starting RB for the Jets.

I think ultimately for me it comes down to opponents. NO is at home against a decent MIA defense who I believe will be doing their best to limit Jimmy Graham (good luck).

NYJ are on the road against a stout TEN defense that hasn’t allowed many RB’s to score via the ground. I think if it’s my team I play Sproles and know that at least he should be racking up the yards as he is heavily involved in the pass game.

That’s all folks! Thanks again for writing. Keep those Preguntas coming!!  As always you can find me @realABC on Twitter or email your questions to me at [email protected]









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